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Milwaukee Wedding Fusion Photography-AWFUL COMPANY DON'T USE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY

I was inquiring at this business about wedding photography prices. I was met with derision and disrespect. I was told that "$ 1,000 for a Saturday June wedding is what you should pay a soccer mom with a $ 600 camera that has not ever done a wedding" and that "a Saturday in June is a big deal to a real wedding photographer". I was so offended because not only is he insulting me but he is also insulting other professional photographers that do offer packages for $1,000. I have never encountered someone so unprofessional before and think it is appalling that someone in a service industry would act in such a way. I recommend that if you want someone to treat you with respect that you do not try this company.

Re: Milwaukee Wedding Fusion Photography-AWFUL COMPANY DON'T USE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY

  • You might try to post this on your local board, as this one is International, and not many people from your area might see it.
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    Like Emmy said.

    But I have to agree with the photog's statement. That doesn't make it right to say to you or polite. But remember "you get what you pay for" and you will have to pay more than $1,000 in most cities for a good photography. I'm curious what you said to garner this response? Did you suggest their prices were too high? You must have brought up the $1,000 price - i would find this to be an odd response by a photog, no matter how rude they are, without being promoted.
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  • While he may have been abrupt and blunt that does NOT make him a horrible photographer who should not be used.
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