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Eek! Just realized online RSVP wasn't working

If you are using The Knot's online RSVP option MAKE SURE YOUR GUEST LIST IS UPLOADED! I just turned it on but didn't test it or read into it. I went to test it today because I haven't gotten any online RSVPs and sure enough, I got the error that my name wasn't on the guest list. I quickly reformatted and uploaded my guest list. I sure hope that no one tried to use the online RSVP int he mean time!

Re: Eek! Just realized online RSVP wasn't working

  • TK's tools are always known for having glitches and not working properly. I know there's nothing to be done now, but I would keep a secondary list of rsvp's offline just in case something happens.
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  • Oh yes, we have RSVP cards, and have already received yeses from a good number of people. But on the RSVP card I let people know they can RSVP online too. I think that will come into play as the deadline approach and people want to make sure I get it on time.

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