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Awful Experience at Macy's!

Aaaaand guess who won't be registering at Macy's.... Worst customer service experience ever, from the store employee level through management. I called to get info on creating my wedding registry, but after a series of dead end phone calls and disconnections, I give up on them. Can't force a company to care. In fact, they must take pride in making an effort to prove they don't care about the customer. Obviously Macy's doesn't care about making money either, since treating customers like scheiss makes no business sense. 

Re: Awful Experience at Macy's!

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    That stinks! I'm sorry to hear! Also a little surprised, since I had a great experience with Macy's. I never tried to call though, I only dealt with them in person and online. Good luck at the other stores you try!
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    Why were you calling Macy's? You can start your registry online or at a store, I'm not sure what the people on the phone were going to tell you other than that... It sucks that you feel like you weren't treated well, but for most retail stores in-person customers take priority over phone calls.
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        I am sorry you have had a bad experience. I have only had stellar service at Macy's. My registry is there and I didn't have any problems and they have great coupons. I do most of my clothes shopping there. 
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    I have had a wonderful experience with Macy's and their registering process. They gave me time to look around and didn't hover over me trying to get me to register for things I didn't need. When I told them I didn't want the dream fund thing on my registry they immediately removed it. When I've gone back to use my coupons I got from registering I haven't had any problems. It's too bad that you didn't have a nice experience, but I agree that trying to start a registry over the phone was a mistake.
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    I don't really understand your frustration?

    I'm sorry that their phone system may not be up to par for your standards, but I don't think that speaks to the customer service? We're the employees rude? Do keep in mind that they may not be trained on the technical aspects, so while they hopefully are willing to offer to assistance, they may not have all the answers.
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    Not sure about the calling to set up the registry, but I will second OP and say that FI and I *horrible* customer service when we tried to register at Macy's a few months back. We were so frustrated, I was near tears when we left there, due to how rude and flippant saleswomen were about helping us. We asked questions in nearly every department, everyone gave us either one word answers or told us to just pick items to register for online. We immediately deleted almost everything off our Macy's registry and went back to BBB to complete the rest of our registry items there, where the customer service was amazing.
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    I hated my saleswoman at Macy's but still registered with them because of the merchandise within the store (versus only on line like BBB).   The woman outright lied to me and told me I couldn't delete the Dream Fund thing, and told me that I didn't need a Macy's card for the registry rewards program.
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