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Dyeing my mom's veil ... is this a dumb idea?

I found my perfect dress! When I went to try on dresses, I brought my mom's veil with me. It's very important to me to wear her veil. I love it and it was also worn by my two aunts. I love the way it looks with my dress. However, my dress is ivory. The veil was white when it was purchased. It has yellowed a tiny bit, but it is still whiter than the dress. My mom thinks it is noticeable and that we should dye the veil darker, but I'm nervous it will damage the veil. 

Anyone have any experience with this? Do you think it's noticeable? 


Re: Dyeing my mom's veil ... is this a dumb idea?

  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    It's hard to tell by the photo because of the lighting combined with the sheerness of the veil, but I think it looks fine. I wouldn't risk dying it. 
  • Veils have been made of nylon since after WWll.  Nylon does not take dye well.  It won't work.
  • I think it looks good with the dress the way it is from what I can see in the picture.

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  • I don't think it matters personally.  You can tell a little the difference in color but it does not look bad. I would not risk trying to dye because like CMGr said it will be very hard to dye that type of material. PS your dress is gorgeous!

  • I agree with the others - in the picture it looks fine together.

    You look beautiful in your dress!

  • I am trying tea dye on mine. Mine has no sentimental value, so I'm not sure if you want to risk it. I love your dress!
  • @Mitch617 thanks for that blog! My mom's veil doesn't have lace ... it's plain tulle ... I wonder if the tea dying would work on tulle? I'm going to remove the blusher part of her veil anyway so maybe I'll test it out on that. 
  • I think it works on all kinds, here is another one
  • What if you add a trim of lace to it or some other embellishment instead of dying the whole veil?
  • You look gorgeous! I love how the veil and dress complement each other...I don't know anything about dying materials etc, I just wanted to tell you I think they look beautiful together the way they are :)

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    You can dye it with tea or coffee if you soak the veil in vinegar first. Everyone says you can't dye nylon, but if you soak it in vinegar for at least 2 hours, it'll take the dye. Leave it in little bits at a time and test the color because once you get it in, it's stuck! I dyed a nylon veil from walmart with coffee and it turned out amazing. I also dyed a nylon hair flower clip for the veil comb, and it also turned out amazing. I'd say try maybe 3 minutes, let it dry and see how you like it, then dip it again if it's not dark enough! ETA: That dress is beautiful on you! 

    ETA2: Veils from walmart are around $7 so if you want to test it out first, that's a good deal. :)
  • @JoSheen, thanks for the vinegar tip but did you find that the veil held a smell of vinegar and/or coffee? So far I just tried black tea on fabric swatches to test it out before trying my veil and heard that coffee can be better but I don't want to walk down the aisle smelling Iike coffee or vinegar!
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