Florists! Don't even know what to expect

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We haven't really set a florist budget because well, we have no idea what would be reasonable for our area (lower Fairfield County). I know centerpieces will be the majority of the budget so could anyone comment on the range of cost for your centerpieces? I understand the sky's the limit with flowers but was hoping to get some idea. I was hoping to have centerpieces like this.. Not necessarily the exact same arrangement but definitely like the pedestal vase and the votive candles around. To me that seems fairly simple (definitely staying away from any tall centerpieces) but I could be completely wrong. Any idea roughly how much these centerpieces would run? Also, how much would you say bridal bouquets are typically? I'm not sure if I should be expecting to pay a minimum of say $200 or if that is a decent budget for a bouquet. Thanks for your input!

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    Following along for any answers...I've been wondering this too. I budgeted $1,000 for flowers but I have absolutely no idea if that's going to be enough (I have room to add to that if needed).
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    I was surprised by how high flowers can run. My arrangements are simple, in season, fairly small... I would need about 10 and have just a maid of honor, best man.... My first quote was $3000. I had to scale back but will still be spending around 2000, not including vases which I am also purchasing
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    i am in central ct and i got flowers for me my maids grooms party two arrangements for the church its costing me 980.00 and thats using daisys and roses
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    We are getting married in Ridgefield where we live and have been to numerous florist appointments in and around the area (Ridgefield, Darien, Stamford, Wilton). Bouquet prices ranged from $250-300 for the bridal bouquet, and $75-150 for bridesmaids. Beyond that, you should budget for about $100 per centerpiece, more if you are asking for flowers that are unseasonable. Hope this helps!
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    Check out Stylish Blooms, your sample centerpiece is almost identical to some of her signature centerpieces. We clicked with Melissa when I met with her. She was able to work with our budget so I would just contact her and set up a consult. I put her link to her website but her facebook page has tons of samples of her weddings! Good luck planning!
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    Thanks everyone!
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    I'm not doing floral centerpieces so I can't help you there but my florist quoted me $200 for my bouquet, $75 each for my two girls, $10 each for the 4 guys bouts and $60 for a memorial arrangement for my FI's mom, who is deceased (we will put a picture and a candle to remember her), and a corsage for my mom.  All in all, just under $500 total and we are using gardenias, orchids, stephanotis, freesia and hydrangea.  She mocked up a bridesmaid bouquet for me yesterday and it was really beautiful.
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    Pictures are of the centerpieces and gazebo/ceremony flowers.  I used Flowers by Danielle:

    1 Bride’s Bouquet: All Hot Pink Calla Lilies

    3 Bridesmaids Bouquets:  All White Mini Calla Lilies

    Groom’s Boutonniere: Hot Pink Calla Lily      

    10 Other Boutonnieres:  White Calla Lily

    Bride’s Mother:    Calla Lilies wristlet

    Groom’s Mother:   Calla Lilies wristlet                 

    2 Grandmothers:     Calla Lilies wristle


    - 2 rented pedestals with arrangements on top placed before the aisle chairs     

    - Floral Swag on Gazebo matching above           


    -     17 Guest Table Arrangements:

    -Hurricanes with ivory taper candles in center with a floral wreath around consisting of Greenery, Green Hydrangeas, Hot Pink Gerberas, Hot Pink Roses, etc.(all in Greens and Hot Pinks)

    -     Cake Flowers- A few simple Hot Pink Calla Lilies for the top of the cak

    Total Wedding Package       $2440.00 (plus tax)

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    i didnt expected flowers to be so expensive. i think we are getting white roses
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    I used Confetti out of Redding and Barb was wonderful to work with. Here's a breakdown of my flower costs:

    Bride bouquet - $195

    Bridesmaids - $315 for 7 (used mostly greens and very little flowers)

    Flower girl head wreath and small bouquet - $70

    Boutonnieres - $165 for 11

    Small bouquets for mothers - $105 for 3

    I used lanterns for centerpieces that I purchased myself ($400 for 25). We had hydrangea, lisianthus, greens, grapes, ivy and anemone surrounding the lantern at the base and they cost about $75/centerpiece.

    There were some other florals used and my total flower cost ended up being about $3,500 (plus the lanterns). I had originally budgeted $2,000. I also had no idea how much flowers cost! But the centerpieces came out beautifully. Here's a pic:




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    where did you get these lanterns from? love!
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    I got them at Pier 1.
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    I LOVE my florist Fleur de Lys in New Haven. They worked with my budget and they do previews!
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    I read somewhere that flowers are approximately 10% of your wedding budget. I have no idea how accurate that is, ours was a little less thank 10%. It definitely depends on how crazy you on centerpieces and ceremony decor. I used Earth Blossoms in Harwinton and our flowers were phenomenal. My bouquet was $225 and the BM were $85 I believe.
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    Check out Autumn Rose in Milford, CT. I worked with Bethany. I told her my budget and she has worked with me over two appointments so far and I basically went in each time and tweaked the budget lower and lower. She gave me a ton of suggestions and alternate flowers to use that look just like others that were more expensive.  shes really creative and easy going. Shes into texture and design verses just flowers.  I'm going for a fall earthy look which I've come to realize is not that easy and she has made everything so easy and beautiful!
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