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Don't know where to start!

My wedding is April 25th 2015. I am currently wearing a size 26 pants and 3x stop. I want to lose weight before my wedding. I have a weight I would like to be however I personally don't think its possible around my wedding date. Can anyone help me with tips or even just get me started on the right track? I also need someone to help keep me motivated. Please help someone!

Re: Don't know where to start!

  • Wow thanks that really helps out :-)
  • I'm having this same problem; having someone be accountable is the KEY! You're not gonna stray from your diet if you have someone that you check in with every day. I would assign this role to your maid of honor, or FI, since you probably talk to them every day anyway.
    Also, if you have the money, invest in personal training at a local gym. I work for a gym as their billing manager, so I do personal training quite often and I've found that I work out harder with a PT and they always give me great nutrition tips.
    Circuit training is an awesome way to lose weight, along with a better diet. Running on a treadmill isn't going to give you the results you want fast enough, so you'll have to do circuit training (which is a group of exercises done in one set, and you do like three sets) four times a week, and cardio twice a week, and one rest day.
    Cutting out soda has also helped me. I haven't been able to part from sweet tea (I'm a Texan), but I drink it far less often. Stay hydrated, drinking enough water will also help you drop the lb's quickly!

    Overall, if you want it bad enough, you're gonna get it! I've already lost 1-2 inches from working out and eating healthy. Yes, I still have that ice-cream I so badly crave after dinner, but I've replaced it with a low fat frozen yogurt, and I only eat the recommended serving size. It's the little things that will help you stay sane, but also make the changes you want.

    Good luck and congratulations!!!

  • Someone else on here suggested "Diet Bet" to me and it's really helping me stay accountable. You bet X amount that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. It's tough, but it will definitely get you the kick start you need
  • Clean eating!! If it will work wonders and you'll see great results. It essentially means getting rid of all the processed food. tips would include shopping the parameter of the grocery story etc. I've also had REALLY great results doing workout programs like Focus T25 or PiYO. if you haven't heard of them, let me know and I can send you the link. They are amazing!
  • I'm all for the clean eating!

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  • ohmrs2014 said:
    I'm all for the clean eating!
    It's amazing, totally changed my thought process about food!  What are you doing currently in terms of working out?  When's the big day?
  • April 25th 2015 is my wedding day. As far as working out I haven't really started anything. I have a hard time doing things on my own and its not just with exercising. I walk when I can. I know I can lose weight I have done it before but I also had my Aunt I was living with pushing me keeping me motivated. If I only had a magic wand so I could poof my own personal trainer to live with me that would be awesome lol
  • ohmrs2014 said:
    I'm all for the clean eating!
    It's amazing, totally changed my thought process about food!  What are you doing currently in terms of working out?  When's the big day?
    I workout at the gym, but I also use Beachbody DVDs.  I was married in April, but I had some set backs leading up to the wedding so I wasn't able to lose as much as I had wanted, but just because the wedding is over doesn't mean I still can't be healthy :)

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  • My fitness pal is amazing.  There's even an app for that :)

    Like PP said, track EVERYTHING you eat and do so you can see where you are and where you can make improvements.

    My top picks:

    1.  Eat cleaner.  Less processed foods are definitely healthier.  It also helps me from randomly eating out on a whim.

    2.  If you're hungry, drink a bottle of water.  One of my major problems has always been with my water intake.  I always find myself lacking (by a LOT)  Sometimes my body can't decide if its hungry or thirsty or just plain wants some oral stimulation.  It helps.  I keep a variety of 0-cal water flavorings on hand to make it a little more interesting.

    3.  Get extra activity whenever possible.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park a little further away.  Walk or bike a short distance instead of driving.  I know a lot of people start their fitness journey by getting a pedometer and setting goals for a certain number of steps per day.  In the beginning, it doesn't matter as much what you're doing as long as you're doing SOMETHING.  Make being more active a priority and it will soon turn into habit.  

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  • I agree with everything posted and, believe me, I did not have the same shape for the wedding that I did a year before it. I had to shed A LOT. I started with something super easy and silly - Wii Fit. It kept my interest and tracked my weight. So I watched my portions and started that until I was fit enough to start walking outdoors in the heat!
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    Hi everybody! 

    Are any of you on It's really great for support and tracking exercise. I've just started and could use some Fitocracy friends. If you're on the site, please add me. I'm FraP.
  • Two posts about isagenix and no other post, you seem like a vendor.  You aren't allowed to advertise your products on this site.  
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    The first step of every journey is the most important is like choose the best cuban cigar. It sets the trend for the rest of the trip. A bold resolute approach is half the battle won. Think positive and you will be what you want to
  • I've used Spark People in the past. It's similar to myfitnesspal but I've found it easier to talk/swap stories with people.

    The other posts are great suggestions. Just one more thing. Don't think about 'how far' you want/think you need to go. It can feel discouraging or overwhelming. Make it simple for yourself. Just work on one choice at time. What will I do to be more active today? Which snack is good on calories and address my needs right now? How can I make healthier choices easier to make?

    Mistakes will happen so be kind to yourself but don't use 'being kind to yourself' as an excuse with each decision. Does that make sense?
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    I have been trying for 2 months to lose weight (alternating from 1200-1400 calories a day to a week or two where I eat my full amount of calories at ~1700), and the scale would go down a few pounds then right back up!

    I decided two nights ago that it was time to get serious. I'm getting married in under a month and would like to lose around 4 pounds in that time...attempting to have a reasonable goal. So I started Jillian Michael's Shred It with Weights the past 2 nights and tonight I took a break from that and did 6 weeks 6 pack abs. I am sore but satisfyingly so! Maybe I'll see some inch loss and a little toning of my arms before then. :)

    But you have plenty of time to drop weight! If you don't already, get a food scale and measure out what you eat. It helps me stay in control and know for sure how much I am eating. I use myfitnesspal, and it's a great help in keeping me accountable.
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