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What's going on this weekend?

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy (highly recommend!!) then went to Trader Joe's for snacks (seriously, they have the best stuff). Tomorrow we're going to brunch at  our venue (mmm....brunch buffet) then we have a picnic at FH's parents. Monday will be spent doing exactly nothing but relaxing. 

What's up with everyone else?

Re: What's going on this weekend?

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    This morning, I had my appointment with the florist which went really well. I'm so excited about my flowers! I spent all day shopping for finishing accessories for my rehearsal outfit. Tomorrow is a big meeting with the wedding coordinator at our venue to go over all of the details (center pieces, linen colors, ect.) and ask a zillion questions. Just got back from going out to dinner with FI but I'm kinda sick so I couldn't taste any of my food, but that didn't stop me!! I'm really blowing it on my pre wedding diet this holiday weekend :( Whoops!!
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    I'm going to see Trace Adkins tomorrow. I'm pretty pumped.
    Other than that, I work in healthcare so I don't get Monday off. Oh well. Yay time and a half!
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    We put our invitations in the mail today! Tomorrow (well technically today as it's 2:30am) we are going to a BBQ at fil's.
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    Saturday we spent the day shopping and spoiling my older daughter. Target, Hobby Lobby and Bass Pro, along with out for breakfast, Dunkin Donuts for a treat and out for lunch. Then she spent the night at grandma's and fiance and I went out for dinner and came home to work on centerpieces and pictures. Yesterday my BM came over and helped make tissue paper flowers. She's crazy. She offered a couple times so I finally took her up on it. Three and half hours and not even halfway done. Guess what I'm going to be making every day after work for the rest of my life. Ugh. Today, I'm working (kind of, I brought my work computer home so I'm working from the comfort of my couch) and baking millions of cookies for the wedding.
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    @JennyColada‌ Congrats on getting invites out!! I love getting my RSVP's back in the mail every day! It's really making everything such a huge reality for me.

    We haven't done a ton this weekend. Saturday one of my BMs came over to pick up her dress and then we had a coffee date and I did some solo shopping. I bit the bullet and got some Spanx to wear under my dress just to help make sure my midsection looks smooth and trim all night. Yesterday we went boating with my dad to celebrate his birthday a couple of days early and then went out to dinner with the family. Today is just a lazy day for FI and I. I might make some apple butter but otherwise I just want to be a bum.

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    Saturday we did a lot of shopping. We bought a gift for FI's nephew's first birthday, and we looked at cake serving sets everywhere. We hated the wedding ones we saw, but found a set at Pier 1 that was on clearance for $13...we couldn't pass it up! Yesterday we were bums, grilled out and had a movie night at home. Today we need to get our usual stuff done like grocery shopping, laundry. But, I'm off for the next two days...I have my first fitting tomorrow!!! Wednesdays I'm off from work regularly so I'm getting my first Brazilian wax...yikes!!! I've been doing eye makeup trials almost every day, too.
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    @JennyColada‌ Congrats on getting invites out!! I love getting my RSVP's back in the mail every day! It's really making everything such a huge reality for me.  
    Since we're only inviting 7 people, I didn't include RSVP send-backs (I'll be seeing everyone a couple of times before the wedding, and I already know who is attending!). BUT it was still exciting to get them in the mail. Definitely does feel more real knowing that they're out there in the universe. :)
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