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It's finally over!

I have heard comments from my straight friends that day 1 after marriage the questions start about babies. I thought that this is something that we would not have to worry about.  I have been married for 9 days, and have been asked almost that many times when we are going to have children.  Any other recently married couples have a good response to this invasive question?
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Re: It's finally over!

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    HA! We had people asking us that and we're not even married yet lol. It seems to be a wedding question because it came up at my future sister-in-law's wedding and nobody knew we were even engaged yet. I just replied "If you want to help with the bill when the time comes, sure!" My fiancee was more like "maybe" lol. But we also have that kind of relationship with her family to say something like that and nobody was offended.

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