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April 2016 Weddings

How's life? Random Chatter.

I thought we could use a thread just for random chat and discussions...so here it is.

I am, at the moment, watching a movie with my students.  My fiance is in another classroom with a child in crisis.  I just saw him in the hall and he's in a tank top (because his button down was likely ripped from this kid) and his tattoos on his arms are showing.  MMMMmmmm.  

Re: How's life? Random Chatter.

  • LOL, sorry I am late, but that made me smile :-)


    Let's see on my end: My fiancé and I are veryyyyy happy we have locked down a venue for our wedding next year. I feel like I this was the biggest thing we had to work on for the wedding; everything thing else should be a breeze...right?!...right!!!

    BUT, I don't want to relax either, I want to plan, plan, plan and have everything done by this month! (it's my adrenaline speaking)...but yeah, I need to calm down and take another breather

     ~ K

  • I feel the same way!! I keep asking some of my married friends if I should be booking the hotel now, or scheduling a fitting, or insert other wedding task here. They keep telling me I have plenty of time, and sometimes I agree, and other times I feel like OMG we have a little over 6 months left, I should be doing something!! 

    Aside from the wedding stuff, I'm starting a new job on Monday which I'm super excited about. I'm going to Atlantic City with my future sister-in-law to audition for Wheel of Fortune on Saturday, and a local winery is having a festival Sunday which I intend to go to. Oh yeah, and it's football season and big game this Sunday---my Cowboys are playing the Eagles...and my FH is an Eagles fan...
  • My FH is coming over next Sunday, so looking forward to it! He will be staying for three weeks and we will be going to Paris. Very romantic :) (even though we have been planning and have a date - he has not "officially" proposed yet, so.. I'm expecting Paris to be extra romantic ;) )
  • That is awesome, Anne! Hope you have a wonderful time get something sparkly! :)
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