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Scouting Trip Reviews Part 2: The Cosmopolitan (Suite & 'Chapel' Tour)

Our experience at the Cosmo was great in the beginning. I was able to book the appointment about 3 months in advance through Christina with no problem via e-mail (I really hate the phone).

We made it on time to the VIP check in desk for our wedding tour, only to find out that there was another wedding tour going on at the same time. I don't know if Christina is leaving the property or if we were just double-booked, but we did a walk through of the property with Ashley, who is apparently moving in to the position of weddings manager, but is still new to the property. I think I goofed when she was asking questions, because I think she was asking about our budget, and I thought she asked about guest count, which is definitely NOT the same number. Eek.

She confirmed that there is a chance of being bumped from a Wraparound Terrace, but couldn't guarantee how often that would occur because she was too new to the property.

I was really disappointed with the size of the Wraparound Terrace. It felt really, really tiny and furniture must stay where it is. I wouldn't want more than 15 people inside the suite (though the balcony itself could hold 20 easily), which means it was out for our wedding. I don't want to force people to stand on the balcony because it's the only room available (especially when seating is thin).

I found the balcony furniture looking pretty sad and worn down. They do have audio jacks in every room which I believe runs through the TV, though I can't remember if there was an iPod dock. I remember being very surprised how little room there was in the bathroom for makeup and thinking that I'd have no room to get ready.

We were on the east side of the property, which I strongly recommend asking for (strip side). We were on a wrap around suite on probably the 25th floor, so the glass on the balcony didn't have any polka dots on it.

Part 2 of Part 2: the wedding suite to follow.

Re: Scouting Trip Reviews Part 2: The Cosmopolitan (Suite & 'Chapel' Tour)

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    After touring the wrap around suite, we headed up to their wedding suite, which is on the 29th or the 36th floor (can't remember). You walk in to a room full of mirrors, and the bridal suite is to your right, segregated off (with its own separate balcony. Small, but cute, easily big enough for 5 girls to stand on comfortably).

    There's a table that's kind of right at the entrance that you're expected to put decor on. It'd be perfect for a wedding book or photos or those little wedding giveaway things, or you can do flowers or other decor or what have you. After you get through that, the bar is straight ahead and the room is split up in to kind of 4 sections of seating.

    We were told that there's only one Cosmo wedding a day, and that everything they do at the Cosmo is completely unique and they use none of the same vendors as anyone else, which isn't true (Imagine Studios has contracts with other hotels as well.) However, apparently there's only 5 Cosmo-approved photographers who are allowed to shoot Cosmo weddings and are all trained in the Cosmo style, but you cannot request certain photographers, either.

    We saw the suite and it was laid out just like the photos online, although we were also told that that isn't how it normally looks but how a bride asked it to be, so that they can use it for an entertainment space afterwards, which I found a little weird.

    My other weird thought is that if there's only one wedding a day, how come all the wedding suite packages only last like 3 hours?

    Important thing to note to everyone considering the Wicked Spoon for a wedding: Go through a coordinator. Do not go direct through the Wicked Spoon web site. Ashley assured us that the room and beverage/food minimums you see online do NOT apply to weddings, and that if you work with one of their coordinators, they can either bring down the minimum or waive it all together. Whether or not this is true, I'm not sure, but it's great to know in the planning stages.
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    Oh, additional thought! We asked about booking times and busy seasons. There was no recommended time on how soon out you need to book, unless you have a certain date in mind. Most of their weddings get booked at the 3 to 6 month mark, but you can book up to 14 months in advance.
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