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It's Our Month!

November is here!

I had my last fitting yesterday and was finally able to take my dress home. The seamstress dd an amazing job, considering how she had her job cut out for her with my dress--It was a size 24 and I'm a size 10!

We made all of our final payments.Just a few final notes to turn in to the DJ and venue ad we're DONE!
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Re: It's Our Month!

  • Just paid my last payment on the photographer. Waiting on the last the RSVPs to come in (Due on Friday 11/7) before making phone calls. Unfortunately, it looks like that's going to happen to a bunch of people. Getting the last few details set for the ceremony with readings and such. FI is working on a poem for our second reading that he needs to finish.

    The only major worry I have is my MIL is supposed to be making my step-sons outfit for the wedding and planning the rehearsal dinner. She was the one that volunteered and started working on without really checking with us first. And now, word of mouth, has been getting back to my FI if things have been arranged and this is coming from my MIL and FIL (who she was originally planning all these things with). Worse case scenerio, we have Plan Bs but its going to be last minute and hopeuflly it will all work out.
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  • Ahhhh so crazy!!

    arrrghmatey  - your seamstress sounds like a dream, that's a lot of work!!

    We are DONE with everything (I hope!) - gave final count to the venue today, created gift bags for the hotel yesterday and are dropping them off Thursday. Can't believe it's this weekend!

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    We're pretty much done with everything. I wish I had a check list lol. Only big thing to pay yet is the coordinator and she doesn't want it till the wedding. Still need to get tips together. Are y'all tipping that night or sending it after?
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