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Learn the phrase for, "I'm learning your language." (or something similar)

Dear Prudence,

I recently moved to a new city where I have an intermediate grasp of the language, and no real support system. Due to COVID, a lot of the normal activities (sports/gym) that I would use to make friends are on hiatus. Now that cases are decreasing, things are opening up, but I’m not engaging in these activities where I would make friends. COVID is an easy excuse, but the reality is I’m not that afraid of COVID, I’m terrified of interacting with other people in a language where I’m not fluent. I’m taking courses, but I have no real opportunities to practice, and it takes me half an hour to mentally prepare for small interactions such as the grocery store. How do I get back out there?

—Fear of Interactions, Not COVID

Re: Learn the phrase for, "I'm learning your language." (or something similar)

  • I like to hope that when we come out of this people will be so excited to see people again they’ll be much more kind and considerate!

    That said, saying “I’m trying to learn your language” is a good start. Maybe there are meet-ups for people who share your background in the area that can help ease the tension over starting new?
  • I've heard of sites that are geared to people trying to learn languages.  They will connect people together that are trying to learn each other's language over a video chat.  That seems like a great way to learn and practice a new language.  
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    When I lived in the Netherlands we had a "Language Cafe" where a group would meet once a week for coffee/tea and we would get in groups to speak different languages.  It wasn't just Dutch, but people would gather to practice French, German, English .... it was really fun, and a great place to meet people.  This might exist where LW is.

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