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I'm Having a Jewish Wedding on Sunday and already getting flack for it

Hey friends! Just got engaged a couple weeks ago and I'm already a little stressed. Oy! My fiancé and I are both Jewish, and it's quite common to hold traditional Jewish weddings on a Sunday because most rabbis won't officiate on sabbath (Friday evening - Saturday evening).

I'm already getting some "looks" from a couple folks when I expressed having a Sunday wedding. People think it's a cost savings thing on our end, but really it's just a traditional Jewish normality. And even if it was for cost savings, who cares?!

I'm just looking for support and advice here. I want to have a fun wedding with dancing all night long but now I'm worried people will leave early.
I know every profession is different, but if my guests really want to partake in our special day, AND if we tell them a year in advance, shouldn't they be able to take off work on the following Monday, if they so choose?

Thanks all!

Re: I'm Having a Jewish Wedding on Sunday and already getting flack for it

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    I would just explain to anyone who gives you a "look" that Jewish weddings cannot take place on Saturdays and let it go at that. If your guests really want to attend your wedding, they will find ways to make it possible.
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