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Rhode Island

Can't find a gown!

I am getting married in July and still Can't seem to find "that dress" that really makes me feel like it is the one. I'm getting worried that too much time is passing. Did anyone else experience this? What can I do to help me decide?

Re: Can't find a gown!

  • Don't worry, you still have some time. Have you narrowed it down to a certain style you want? 
  • Yes, this happened to me. I couldn't find a gown anywhere. I went to  a LOT of stores, believe me. I felt like I couldn't express to the sales  people what I was looking for.I ended up making an appt at Kleinfeld but didn't go, because I found my dress int he meantime. I ended up finding my dress at Briadal and Gift in North ATtleboro and if you haven't tried there I would suggest going. They have a lot of selection (I found out this is because if there is a cancelled or postponed wedding, rather than lost the 50% deposit on the dress from the designer, the owners pays off the balance to get the gown in the store...). It seems cramped, but it is just becuse there is a good selection.
    Another great place to try is VOWS in watertown. They have a lot of designer dresses for less.
    I would take a "break" and think about what you want, what style you prefer etc. So that when you go to the next shop you can go in more focused (this is ultimately what helped me get a dress...i actaulyl found a designer that i loved...so i tried on all of his gowns). Also, don't let the sales women try to show you dresses that are "popular" if you don't liek them. Oftentimes I found they would say "brides are really loving this style" and it wasn't what I was interested in. So I let them know .You need to be vocal!

    Good luck!
  • I had the same issue and finally found my gown at VOWs. I tried on at least 10 gowns at each place I had gone to before there (David's, Ana's and Bridal and Gift) and was torn between 2 different styles at each and I just couldn't make a decision and never felt like I had found "the one". So I made the trip to VOWs and am so happy I did. They have a ton of dresses and their inventory is constantly changing. My consultant was Barbara and once we got started on trying on some gowns she was able to see what I liked and didn't like and we found "the one". One thing I think that helped me was that I had been going to places with a few of my friends in addition to my mom and I think that confused me more than helped me make a decision because everyone had different opinions. I only brought my mom to VOWS and she never gave an opinion until I gave my own and it was a lot easier. Also not sure on your budget but just a warning that I did end up spending more than I planned to there. For me it was worth it in order to get everything I was looking for in a dress rather than settle on one that had something I wasn't crazy about. I did get my gown for 50% off the original price which is a great deal, but it was just more than I originally planned on spending. Good luck and don't stress! You will find a dress! 
  • Don't worry - you will totally find something.  You just need to be open to the fact that your dress may look different (style wise) than you had envisioned.  Dresses look very different when you try them on.

    Best of luck! Your dress is out there!!

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  • Thank you so much!! You all made me feel SO much better about this.  One shop told me that I am running out of time and need to pick one quickly.  They got me very worried.  I hope I find one soon...
  • if it helps you (and I am not posting this to promote my blog as I never update it anymore)... I posted about my experiences at Bridal and Gift, Ana's, David's Bridal, Helene's and The bridal garden on my blog www.weddedeverafter.blogspot.com
    Maybe it will help you to read someone else's experience...

    Don't worry about time. I would say that if you order in Novemeber/Dec you will be fine. I ordered my dress the end of Novemeber and it came in mid-April. My wedding was in August.
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    After going to many many stores and numerous gowns I went to The Bridal Garden and found the perfect dress they were unbelievable to work with!!
  • went to bridal garden to have my dress cleaned and preserved.
    wish i had gotten it there-
    helene's was OK but i think I would have had a better experience at garden.
    they were really nice and had LOTS of dresses.
  • You may be running out of time for the styles they have for that season. However, I went to David's totally not expecting to find anything; had an amazing consultant Delfina and we found exactly what I wanted in 3 dresses. I tried some more on to be sure. However, moral of my story... Sometimes you have to find the right consultant too. If you have a crappy consultant and I'm sure we all know there's plenty then you won't enjoy the experience or find the dress. We even went back and requested she help my girls with the bridesmaids dresses after an hour drive to Fall River from Westerly to party dress express who swore to me they'd have a bridesmaids dress and sold the floor sample and never bothered calling to tell me because they "don't take appointments". Needless to say, I ordered my dress in February I think and I had it in 6 weeks. The team at David's is SO amazing that they even ordered it so close to my size I barely need any alterations, which had NEVER happened when I've ordered gowns. Good luck! Worst case, you have some time, wait it out until you see some new styles and try again!
  • Another recommendation for Vows and only bringing 1 other person with you who will give honest feedback but wait until you give yours first!  

    Vows had a huge selection - you choose the first 5 gowns to try on and then the assistants take note of what you like and don't like and go back onto the floor and bring dresses back to you.  I found my dress there in 68 minutes!  And for only $800.

    I can't say enough positive things about my experience there!

    Best of luck to you!

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  • Don't worry!

    If it makes you feel any better I am the WORST at making decisions. I was torn between two gowns of two totally different styles. I bought one at Ana's and really liked it in the store, I guess I was influenced by the people around me, and bought it.  But  afterwards couldn't stop thinking about the other I had tried on  at j crew earlier in the month with only one close friend. So I bought it as well! (good thing both were on super sale!)

    Unfortunately I cant return the first one, even though its gorgeous! now I'm trying to sell it.
    with no luck

    anyway morel of the story... if you don't absolutely LOVE it in the store don't buy it! :)
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