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I'm baaaaack!!! (PIP!)

Happy New Year!!!  I missed you guys so much! 

I had such an amazing time in Grand Cayman with my girlfriends & have a really lovely tan happening right now (I love being tan).  Seven Mile Beach is absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been on in my entire life.

We arrived the day after Christmas & our villa was almost perfect.  The house itself was beautiful & it was right on the beach but we stayed right near Rum Point which we found out is pretty dead.  We didn't rent a car because nobody wanted to take the chance of driving on the left side of the road & cabs each way were $100 USD.  So other than 1 day & New Years Eve we pretty much didn't venture far from our villa (which was fine with me).  Without further adieu, here are some pics!! 

This was our deck & backyard. We had reef right behind our house but if you went 2 houses to the left you could go all the way out into the water.

This is Seven Mile Beach.  Beautiful, right?

Here's me holding a stingray at Stingray City. I was absolutely terrified.  The stingray were gigantic, like the size of my whole body. And they come right up to you & sometimes jump out of the water a little bit.  It was an adventure & scary & I wouldn't go again LOL

And me kissing the stingray which is "seven years of good luck."

Happy New Year!!!!

Anything new happen while I was gone? Any new engagements?!?!

Re: I'm baaaaack!!! (PIP!)

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    Oh my gosh, those things are huge! I'd have been terrified too!! It looks sooooo pretty there though! I wanna go! : ) No updates for me.

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    Ely: We were all terrified LOL, there were probably 10 boats of people at the sandbar when we were there & for some reason we were the only 5 people screaming bloody murder. 

    WTF is up with TK? It's worse than normal. I can't keep track of the posts at all now :(

    Unrelated: I posted this below in the Thintopia thread but I need to be an AW so I'll mention it here too: I LOST 4 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yay!! Welcome back! Looks like you had an awesome time and the stingrays are beautiful.

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    Welcome back!!  What big stingrays!!  I'm only brave enough to touch the ones at Sea World - I think they don't sting. (don't tell me if the do!) 
    Now tells us your lost-4-pounds-on-vacation secrets!!  Nice work!
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    Welcome back!!! I wish I went somewhere tropical and had a tan.
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    Thanks for the welcome backs ladies!! I feel like I walked into work super duper confident between losing 4lbs & being tan (which always makes me feel prettier for some reason) LOL! 

    Meg-- honestly I kind of ate whatever I wanted the whole time.  We had groceries delievered to the house when we got there so we had a lot of fresh veggies & stuff for sandwiches & we bbqed a lot.  When we ate out I mostly had fish & their portions are way smaller than here of course. 

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    ohhhh I'm so jealous of that beach. It is so freezing cold here right now - and they have an "energy initiative" going on on campus, so our building is pretty much as cold as the outside. Awesome. I love the State of NY.

    ANYWAY! I LOVE the stingray kisses picture! That is just the coolest thing. One of my bucket list items is swimming with dolphins, but I'll take a stingray kiss too!

    Congrats on the 4lb loss!! :-) Hooray for vacation weight loss... that's always a plus :-)


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    Oh how fun! I would love to swim with a stingray!
    Yay for vacation weight loss, that's always the best!
    And if the stormy weather came...I'd just kiss you in the rain... Daisypath Anniversary tickers image
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    I LOVED the stingray! They are something else to get use to, now I want to go swim with them again! I will have to see if I can dig up my pictures I got while snorkeling with them. Did you get to feed them?
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    Molly: No. I probably would have shiit myself if I tried LOL I was reeeeeally scared!  I did feed some big fish at our 3 snorkeling stop though!

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    wow the pics look awesome.  You are braver than me, I could never hold a sting ray!


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