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I'm sorry

I feel the need to apologize, to Sarah, and also to those of you who have tried to help me deal with the stress of the last five months.  I hope you all understand that I come here to vent (and, yes, pout) so that I don't say something particularly venomous to any one of the number of people who are currently testing my limits. 

I am trying very hard to maintain my composure, but sometimes, silly things (like the dress) are the proverbial last straw. 

I am genuinely sorry.  This wedding is bringing out the worst in me!  I'll be glad when the day is finally here, and I can go back to being a nice, unruffled Molly Mormon. 
December 18, 2010!!! Never thought I would be a winter bride; just hoping we don't get snowed in until AFTER the wedding!

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