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How accurate is David's Bridal arrival quotes?

My room mate is planning her wedding.  A bridesmaid just backed out.  She is trying to replace her with a Jr. Bridesmaid.  (She wants the matched party size... and even had her FI pick one more groomsman than he wanted so that the wedding party would be even.)  

Well the girl that she is looking at adding to the bridal party went today to get fitted for a dress.  We are being told the dress in the fabric she needs will not be in till August 16th and the wedding is August 11th.

Now every dress we ordered came in much faster than we were told.  So I think it is worth the gamble.   My room mate doesn't.  What has the experince been with David's.  I mean I was told my dress would take 12 weeks and it was literally in under 2 weeks.  My daughter's dress we were told would take 8 weeks for the dress and 12 for the sash.   We never got a call or email.  We were just out one day and I said let's stop in and see and her dress and sash were both in.  (This was about 2 1/2 weeks after we ordered.)  

What do you think.   She is really stressing out over here. 

Re: How accurate is David's Bridal arrival quotes?

  • From my experience, they alway some in early....but I don't know that I'd gamble it.
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  • All of my bridesmaid dresses came in 2 months early and they were all ordered over a 3 month period.
  • I also had all my dresses come in early, but they also never said there was a problem with the fabric not being available. If she is the only junior bridesmaid, I would consider dressing her in a complementary shade that is available.
  • They gave an almost similar estimate for the complimentary color.  We are going today to look at another bridal store to see if they have a shade that will match.  Wish us luck.
  • in my experience, its been a lot sooner. my girls ordered their BM dresses and they were told it would take about 6-8 weeks, and most had it in within 2.

    i am in a wedding oct 15 and the dress she chose is from there. i was told it would come in about 4-6 weeks, and it came in the next week.
  • my wedding dress was due to arrive June 1st, it came in 1st week of May!  She'd still be taking a gamble though. 
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  • I orderd my wedding dress in mid September and it was in by mid October. I even had to order a special length.
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  • I've never had a problem with items arriving on time.  The only problem I ever had was the pushy coordinator I had there. I had to drop her and have the manager help me which turned out to be a much better experience.  Good Luck!!
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    i was quoted 2-18 weeks ya  abig difference. They were ordered the same day and one came in in 6 weeks and the other one was 8 weeks...but ya not sure if you want to take the risk ?!!
  • We ordered my mom dress (non-traditional brides dress) the beginning of March est time was July 4th (two weekds before my wedding) It came in May 17th. The accessories (sash,shawl) took like two weeks from order date.
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  • I ordered 2 dresses from DB (i changed my mind about the first dress).  Both came early, the first came in 1 months and the second in 1 week!  Both times they told me it would take a few months.  The accessories (veil, slip and sash) came at different times but also quickly.
  • I  used to work for DB.  The majority of BM dresses are a 6-8 week lead time.  most do come in early.  Now some dresses are are 12 week cut to order lead time which means those specific dresses are not pre-made and sitting in the warehouse.  They actually are not made until they receive the order.  They are made in Asia, and with the time it takes to make the dress ship it, go through customs it could take up to 12 weeks.  The computer will not allow you to put in an order for one of those dresses unless you have more than 12 weeks to your event date because they cannot guarantee that it will be in sooner (There is NO way to override this).  Many times they have come in the day before or the quoted date.  Unfortunately you are SOL.  Sorry Frown
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  • They told my 5 BMs that it would take 6-8 weeks.  They came within 3.  But that's for BM dresses and not bridal gown.
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  • I ordered 2 bridesmaids dresses from DB. 1 came in 6 weeks before the quoted delivery time. The other one unfortunatly came in 10 days past the quoted delivery but at least it got here before the wedding!!!!!

  • Well she found a dress!!!! YAY.

    I thinking I am changing stores for my wedding after the difference in service.  We were told by the store I have been going to (that I was having my doubts in anyway because I wanted a certain sash and asked if it was avaliable in the color I wanted and it is only avaliable in the 20 color palatte and the color I wanted is not in the 20 colos.)  Well they told us there were no options, other than a dress on the rack at the store in the next town over that the bride didn't like at all. 

    We were going to look at kilts for my wedding and I forgot my swatches to make sure the colors I am looking at match the kilt DF wants to wear.  I said let's stop by the other store and grab some swatches and you can check out the dress on the rack. 

    The consultant found ONE dress they can get in by mid June in the color my room mate wanted.   Ironically it was her FIRST choice.   She even asked my store about that dress and was told it was also going to be 12 weeks.   So the dress was ordered yesterday!!!!  

    So the dress is on the way.   I am going to try to get an appointment there because we walked in and were treated great even though they were REALLY busy.   My local store is MUCH smaller, I felt rushed and was ignored even though they were dead.  It was literally 30 minutes after I stopped by the desk before my consultant came to wait on me.  

    Ohh and one place we went wouldn't let me walk in the store because I had kids with me.  We were just going to look at swatches.   That would take just a few minutes and we went at a typically less busy time.   Yet they had a sign NO children under 12 unless they are there for a fitting.   WOW.  My 10 year old wants to go with me when I make my final choice on dress.   She is well behaved but at that store she is not allowed.     My 2 younger kids have gone with me to David's everytime I have gone.  They have always had someone helping me to watch them, and been well behaved.  If they acted up I would leave.  I did plan my appointments for times when they tend to be less busy so they won't bother anyone else.  But being in a wedding is expensive enough without having to pay for a sitter because my room mates bridesmaid backed out and I have to hire a sitter to driver her around because she doesn't know her way around the city as well as I do.
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