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Well that's annoying

I just got a phone call from our FOCCUS couple.

First of all, we filled this thing out a year ago. I understand we have to meet with a married couple to discuss where we may have differences, but it's been over a year. We may have already discussed these things since we moved in together.
Second of all, I called our priest 3+ months ago to say that I did NOT want to work with the couple we were matched with. I used to work with the husband and I feel VERY uncomfortable about this. Yeah, the couple that called us, it's them. Do I say something again?

I'm sure he and his wife are lovely people, I just don't want to talk about relationship/sex/marriage stuff with a guy I used to work with. 

Re: Well that's annoying

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    yea that is weird/ the priest again. I think its odd in general that you have to meet with a FOCCUS couple...

    We met with our priest, took the test, and meeting with him about once a month to go over the different area's of the test (awkward sometimes but he likes to talk, so mostly its just him talking haha) and then we had to/did pre cana.....

    I think we just have to meet with once more to finish the FOCCUS stuff, then to plan everything!
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    Yes, I would call again!  It is completely understandable why you wouldn't want to meet with them. 
         I don't think we have to meet with a couple at all either.  We just need to meet with the preist starting sometime this month, take the FOCCUS, and complete the Engaged Couples Seminar.  The preist is supposed to call we will see if he remembers.  He is newer to our parish and I think he is a little overwhelmed.  Poor guy!
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    I agree that it would be awkward.  I'd call the priest again and explain the situation.  I don't know that I would be comfortable meeting with any couple.  Hope it all works out and good luck!
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    We met with a couple from the church to discuss our FOCCUS results.  I guess it depends on the church.  We have met with the priest a few times and took the foccus.  Then we were matched with a couple.  We met them once and loved them.  If you feel weird, definitely call the priest again
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