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I'm still in shock...

from the cost of my alterations!!!!!! I had my first fitting today and the cost of my alterations is exactly HALF the cost of the dress!!!!! I was budgeting b/w $200-300 for alterations but it wound up being almost $350. It has to be taken in 3 inches, have cups put in(which wound up being free b/c the seamstress gave us a discount), hemmed, and bustled. When I ordered the dress, I ordered the same size that I tried on in the store b/c it fit perfectly...but apparently I've unintentionally lost weight. Did anyone else walk away from their first alterations appt. with sticker shock...or did I just not prepare myself enough?
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Re: I'm still in shock...

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    When I ordered my dress I asked them how much the alterations are and figured with the hem and bustle too be $200 - $250 so the price sounds about right since you also have to have it taken in. I agree with you though the cost for alterations are a third of the cost of my dress!
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    did u get the alterations from the place that you bought the dress? I did, and I negotiated the price of the alterations into that price so that its a flat rate no matter how much work needs to be done. your quote seems pretty on target though- my negotiated flat rate came out to be $350 for alterations, but its a $4000 dress so in that case it doesn't sound as extreme as half the cost of the dress. Plus 3 inches is a significant amount to be taken in. I'm jealous that you lost 3 inches without trying!
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    My 11-point bustle was 150, so your price sounds about right. Taking the dress in is probably pretty time consuming.
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    I just ordered my dress, so I haven't hit the alteration section of the price yet... but I asked for a "range" and she quoted me a very large number, and I was shocked as well.  I tried on a dress that was 10 sizes too big, so I'm hoping when the dress comes in and it's closer to my size, hopefully not much needs to be done!
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    MIne was a flat $500 fee, and we knew that going in, so no, I wasn't surprised.
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