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why can't i get my band this early??

The other day i was killing time waiting for a friend and there happened to be a jewelery store in the plaza, so i went in to browse wedding bands.  and found one that was perfect!  When the sales man asked and about the date and i replied not till Aug 2011, he made a comment about getting things done really early and laughed.  So, i thought about it, and with all the holiday sales going on right now, why can't i get my band this early and just stick it in the safe till Aug??  If i find one that is perfect, and a good price, i don't think i'm going to change my mind, a good match is a good match.  Anyone else get their band super early, or is there a reason it done much closer to the date?  I figured if i have picked/put a deposit on my dress already whats the big deal with the band?  or maybe this sales guy was just a weirdo.

Re: why can't i get my band this early??

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    I am surprised by that too--especially that he'd give up a sale like that. We bought ours eight months out. We knew what we wanted and it wasn't going to change.

    Besides, wouldn't that suck if you changed you mind in just a few months? Hopefully you'll be wearing the thing for decades! ;)
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    thats strange he was pushing you to wait (im sure his manager wouldnt be to happy about it.) My Jewler encourages to purchases it as soon as possible. We are having to wait tell January/February due to money (our wedding is in may). I would purchase your ring if you find a good deal and its something you REALLY like
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    [QUOTE]<strong>My wedding band and engagement ring came as a set so my band has been in the safe for a year now.</strong>  I don't think it matters when you buy your band. That sales guy sounds like a douche.  I'm surprised he let a sale go.  Buy your band when you find the one you want.
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    Ditto (rings came as a set).  My band has been in the bedside table since the day my fiance proposed.  Buy your band when you see it at the price you want.  Go for it!
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    I'm also surprised that he gave up a sale.  My experience has been that salespeople at jewelery stores have generally been too pushy!  (Except for the one guy who kept making wisecracks about me trying to pressure FI when we went to look at rings together.  Yeah, we left there pretty quickly.)

    I don't see any reason to wait on buying the band.
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    If you love it I don't see any reason to wait either.  Our wedding is in June & both of our bands have been in our safe since September.
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    That is very strange... passing up a sale... I would defintely find a different jeweler. We have become "friends" with ours, everytime I go in to have my Ering cleaned, checked etc, she comes over to chat and tells us anytime we are ready to look for wedding bands we should let her know.
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    thats not too soon at all! what a jerk...he had no right to make that comment. im sure his supervisor is thrilled about that one.

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    Not too early at all! Our wedding is in June and we picked ours two months ago. They took longer to be made than expected but if I could help it we'd have had them in a week. 
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    I'm with everyone else and am going to call him a moron.

    My band was also part of a set so I've had it since May and we're getting married this September.  FI and I have already briefly looked for his but that was just when we were having mine cleaned.  If he found something he wanted now, I would buy it.
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    I agree with all the others.

    I am not getting married until November and we already have both mine and FI's band. We bought out bands when we had the money to get them. We did not want to wait until closer to the wedding because we were worried our money would be tied up with the wedding and our big move.

    There is nothing wrong with getting your ring now, especially if it is on sale.
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    Several people were impressed that we were planning ahead when we picked out our rings months ago (still paying on them both, but the wedding's not til June). The associates at Kay's mentioned that some people walk in two days before the wedding thinking they can walk out with a band! Of course, they expect the store to have a full inventory of every single ring in every possible size... and they just don't have the space to do that.
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    I got my band in November 2009 and I'm also getting married August 2011. I have an asymmetric band and we were afraid that the style might go discontinued if we waited and then we would have to get one custom made.
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    Thanks ladies!!  I guess that settles it, that guy was a dumb-a.s.s. and won't be getting my business!  I'll browse the holiday sales and see if can find what i'm looking for at a good price.  i could probably also put it on layaway to help spread out the cost a little bit. 
    I appreciate your responses!
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