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Shoes for GM's

We've already made deposits for the tuxes & then come w/the shoes (round toe).  FI was tell his BM that we'll be paying for 1/2 & giving him the info. on being fitted & etc.  BM told FI I have black shoes so why do I need to rent them & FI said they come with the package.  My ? is if some of the GM's would prefer to wear the rentals & others not, would that look ok to have different shoes (since you can see there's unlike my BM's)? Second assuming some wear the rentals & other dont should they all wear either round toe vs square?  PLEASE help... BM & other party will wear whatever it is FI wants but wanted ya'll input.  Thank you!

Re: Shoes for GM's

  • I doubt anyone will notice the differences between shoes, unless they are very obviously scuffed or dirty. Even then, I doubt anyone will really care.
  • Anyone who notices a difference between the GM's shoes has their own issues.  That's a detail that's beyond miniscule.
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  • I could totally see some of the groomsmen being more comfortable in their own shoes.  FI has complained about the rental shoes for every wedding he has been in. I totally agree with PP.  No one is going to care if the GMs shoes aren't the same.
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  • As long as they are all wearing black no one will notice.   And the person who does and has a problem with it, well, they were looking for something to find fault with and if it wasn't that it would have been that it was too sunny, or the church had too many pews, or the reception venue had an uneven number of windows. 
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  • I have absolutely no idea what shoes my husband, the groomsmen and our dads wore to our wedding.

    Seriously. I actually pulled up a photo from our wedding where the guys' shoes are all clearly visible (which wasn't easy to find, even though I have over 700 photos) and I'm literally staring at it right now, and I cannot tell if they're in identical shoes or not.

    Anyone who takes the time to notice whether all their shoes are perfectly matched - never mind if they're all round-toe vs. square-toe - is certifiably insane.
  • LOL! Thanks girls! I'll let FI deal w/it how he wants.  I thought it was weird to begin w/that someone would want to rent shoes especially if they have their own & like everyone said your own shoes are always more comfortable anyways.  I originally thought they'd all wear their own shoes until we actually went & they said the package came w/the shoes & I was like "Oh how cool all their shoes can match" but at the same time I automatically thought of bowling when I heard rented shoes.

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