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I'm running out of shoe options!

I bought a beautiful lace dress vintage-style--but the tricky part is that it's designed so it has no lining from the knee down, just a sheer sort of lace. So you will be able to see my shoes clearly. I've been having ahard time finding unique shoes that are afforable! I have to have my dress fitted in January and I dont have any shoes!  Any suggestions for good shoe websites or good shoe types? 

Re: I'm running out of shoe options!

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    What style are you looking for?  Price range? 
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    My dress is also lace and vintage-y. It's an ivory but more of the silver ivory than yellow ivory, so I went w/ pewter (dark gray) shoes. They go w/ my BMs dresses, which are gray and tan. I wouldn't try to match them w/ your dress color, since that is almost impossible unless you get them dyed. Go for something fun.
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    I highly recomend :) Or just do to DSW. 
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    You should look on etsy. There are some absolutley beautiful shoes on esty that are one of a kind, specifically for weddings Smile
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    I second the etsy comment!
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    I veto the special wedding shoe idea.

    Go with something fun! What are your colors?  Maybe find something that matches your colors, and you can wear later with a pair of jeans and a cute top
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    I got mine on endless and LOVE my shoes! The price was great too :)
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    My colors are navy blue, brown, and grey with of course, white. Since you will be able to see my shoes through my dress, I prefer something that is not too distracting. :) I would definately like something I can wear again that fits into my style. Also something that does not have a 4 inch heel--I want to be comfortable! 
    Thanks everyone for your help! 
    The Etsy suggestion is especially helpful! 
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    Thanks you everyone for your input! I finally bought a adorable pair of shoes from Etsy! They are so perfect! I never even would have thought about Etsy. Thank you everyone! 
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