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Avoid Wendy's Bridal - Cincinnati, Ohio

My dress search has been far and wide, and Wendy's has honestly been the worst. Yes, they have more reasonable prices, but the rudeness of their staff is enough to make me not want to do business with them. The staff was helpful and nice to me, but ignored my bridesmaids completely. They were nice to me up until I decided I didn't want to purchase the dress THAT DAY, so I could make sure it was the correct decision. After that point, the staff ignored my entire group! Basically, if you aren't going to hand over your money the first time you go in, then they could care less about you! I am amazed that The voted them one of the best places to get dresses (I wonder what the owners of Wendy's drugged them with!). I would not recommend this place to anyone. *Poor Lighting to see true colors of dresses
*Rude & pushy staff
*Staff becomes frustrated with you when you don't "like" the dresses they pick out
*No restroom
*Tiny mirrors in dressing rooms
*Falsified "Style and Numbers" on dresses, so brides/bridesmaids can not try to look up the dress to buy it somewhere else.

I just wanted to warn everyone about them, if you didn't already know.

Re: Avoid Wendy's Bridal - Cincinnati, Ohio

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