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Navy & Coral - Too Springy??

Need some advice. Getting married 10/11/2013. The church is pretty much a blank slate, with touches of blue here and there. My bridesmaids are wearing long navy dresses.The reception room has ivory, bluish walls with bluish carpeting.I would like to keep the navy going maybe with navy tablecloths and ivory napkins. I feel like I need something that pops for flowers.Which is where I need some help ....

Are coral flowers and accents too summery for an october wedding???
I'm really really not into the whole fall color scheme. Dark colors are rich but I never envisioned dark colors at my wedding. Plus the reception room has no windows and I don't want to darken it too much.

Re: Navy & Coral - Too Springy??

  • Coral would be fine, but also maybe consider hot pink?

    I'm attaching the bouquet I held as a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and we were wearing navy blue Bill Lefkoff chiffon dresses.

    My date is 10/12/13 and I will also be using colors that aren't traditional "autumn" colors -the bridesmaids will be in Tiffany blue and I haven't even thought flowers yet.
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    Hey! Totally okay. I am getting married 10/13/13 and I will be having navy blue, pink, and white as my colors. It will be a lighter pink. I definitely agree with you about the fall color thing. I am not really into those colors and I don't think that just because you are having a fall wedding means you have to have fall colors.
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  • I say chose whatever colors you want, regardless of the season. I too am not a huge orange, brown, yellow fan. So I'm doing watermelon and black. As long as you are fine with not doing "in season" colors go for it! I think navy and coral would be beautiful together.
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  • I think it'd look pretty.


  • I'm thnking about doing Navy as well.. it's a toss up right now between that and a greyish lilac color -- both are not fall colors in any way! I definitely think coral or a deep pink would look good!
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  • PS -- we are also date twins haha :) I'm getting married 10/11/13. Cannot BELIEVE it is the one year mark tomorrow!!
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  • I'm getting married 10/12/13 and am wanting a medium grey-blue color with navy accents and coral flowers.  I'm also making a brooch bouquet that will be all silvers/pewters, clear stones, and pearls with ivory silk hydrangeas underneath as a filler and some subtle touches of blue throughout (a few muted blue stones, silver-blue or navy ribbon for the handle, etc).  Do what you like, and to me, the only thing that MIGHT be a little "Springy" for a Fall wedding would be a bunch of pastel colors.  I like contrast, and the navy will contrast beautifully with the coral (afterall, they are hues of blue and orange, which are complimentary colors on the color wheel).
  • I think it would be lovely. There's no need to feel bound to a particular palette just because of the season you're getting married. You definitely have to consider the venue and what will look good there. If these are colours you like, go for it! I wanted coral myself but decided to go with yellow instead. Good luck!
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  • Thanks for all the feedback!

    can't believe I'm getting married one year from today!
  • I just happened upon this post. I am planning a 10/12/13 wedding! I am also looking into navy. I was originally looking at blush and burgundy as accent colors, but am now leaning toward coral. I think coral is great with navy. I also do not want to go with a fall theme. So many brides think October = orange or brown, December = red or green, etc. Just go with what you love!

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