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How's planning coming along??

Hey ladies, I'm just checking in to see how planning is going!  For those that don't know me, I was an August 2012 bride for almost the whole first year of my engagement, but changed to September last July.

I see that everyone's been making some serious progress and I've been loving watching your plans come together!!  It's crazy to think that you have 4 months left!  Can you believe how fast time is flying!?

I hope everyone is well- I miss you ladies!!!

Re: How's planning coming along??

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    Aww, it's nice of you to check in! You've got to be in the same stages of planning as many of us (me included, since I'm at the very end of August). It's starting to feel like everything is coming together, but just isn't quite done. I hope your planning is going well!
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    My planning is going well so far.  I should have my dress come in soon for my final fitting and I finished my registry.  I just have to finalize the cake, photographer, and hair stylist.  Then I just have a few minor details to handle.  Hopefully I won't fall apart before then.  LOL!!
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    Planning is going pretty well, working on small stuff right now!! :)
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    I'm starting to get stressed with the number of little things that need to be done--I'm afraid I'm going to forget something!  But I'm slowly but surely progressing.  Thanks for checking in!  I do remember you from last summer!  How is planning going for you?


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    Hmm, still having pastor issue but hopefully getting those sorted out by the end of the weekend. I am behind on booking a rehearsal dinner site....fiance is in charge of that ;) Also, have not ordered invites yet. Other than that, bridesmaide dresses should be in by the end of May, mine will be in by the middle of June. Lil stressed but not overly so :)
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