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Wedding Cake "tray"

Hello ladies! I am having a Christmas-themed wedding and am looking for a sleigh cake tray. I am having a terrible time finding where to purchase one, and I don't even know what they are really called! Everytime I search "sleigh cake tray" or "christmas wedding cake" or anything like that, I never get what I am looking for. Please help! Send me links to where I can purchase one, or what in the world they are really called! This is what I'm looking for: big picture)Thanks!

Re: Wedding Cake "tray"

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    Look up Cinderella Cake Stand...  The stand is fairly expensive to the point that you've either got to want it REALLY bad...  Or...  Your next bet is to talk to a local artist in your area who works with metal sculpting or possibly even a welder...  The stand pictured actually looks like it's just a plant stand with the deer put out in front to appear like it's pulling a sleigh with a sugar sculpted Santa at the reigns... 
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    Hmmm...really?? Do you know how else I could make one on my own? Without finding someone that works metal??
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