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Should you include the children's entree on menu cards?

For our wedding we have 3 entree choices (Prime Rib, Wisconsin Stuffed Chicken, and Ravioli Rose) and the children's option (Chicken Tenders).

I'm wondering should we include the children's entree on the menu cards? Overall there will be probably 30-40 children at our wedding. My initial thought was to include it as it was an entree, however I feel that it doesn't necessarily need to be there.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I also thought of making a menu card special for the kids that would just have their entree and then some games on the bottom of the card to keep them entertained.

Re: Should you include the children's entree on menu cards?

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    Personally I like putting the children's option on the response card because there are some children that may prefer the grown up meal.  For our venue, anyone 12 and under would be considered a child, and I know we have a few people in that agre group who would prefer to eat a grown up meal.  Otherwise, I would call the parents and see what the kids would prefer if you decide not to put it on the response cards. 

    I also love the idea of having games on the bottom on the menu card for them.
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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I'd make a menu card especially for the kids with games and whatnot. Good idea!

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    I like the idea of a separate menu card for kids with the meal and games! Super cute and creative! 

    If you decide against doing the separate menu, I don't think you need to include the children's option on the menu. Since people RSVP'd, they're aware that their kid is getting chicken tenders.
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    Melissa603Melissa603 member
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    I'm giving all the kids at our wedding chicken tenders. For the price difference I'm letting the few parents know that is what the option is. I'm not spending a tonof money for a kid to have a prime rib that they will barely touch.
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    We put the children's option on our menu cards.

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