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Ok well I'm

Hey everyone! Ok, this is about the wedding cake. I have been looking around trying to get ideas, and failing. I have no clue what I want the cake to look like beyond this:
1. Small two tier cake.
2. This cake topper (It's 6 1/2' tall):
Beyond this, I'm compleatly lost. I know I want the cake to go with the topper not clash.
Anyone have any ideas on what I could do for the actual design of the cake?

Re: Ok well I'm

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    Have to talked to any bakeries yet?  I am sure they would be able to come up with a custom design for you.  Because the topper is rather original (not meaning that in a bad way at all) the suggestions of the bakeries may help you pick the one you want to go with too.
    Make sure to bring the topper with you to your consultations.
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    agree with pp, take it to consultations.

    i imagine a light pink or light sage green fondant to bring out the pastels in her wings, with brown branches and green vines piped all over it that pick up the pattern in her dress hem, and little sugar butterflies in pink, green and blue.

    i've also seen icing made to look like tree bark.  that might look cool also with the little flowers and butterflies all over it.

    have fun!
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    i'm not sure what's up with the shape of this cake - but in a 2 tier it might look cool covered in chocolate shavings, light pink/green flowers, leaves and butterflies.  kind of woodsy:

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    What about a woodsy/fantasy-inspired cake with light green fondant and dark  green fondant or buttercream accents.  Perhaps some delicate tree branches or vines on the cake accented with flowers that bring out the faint pink in the wings?  The vines would accentuate the vine design on the bottom of the dress.
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    Thank you so much everyone!
    No I haven't spoken to any bakers yet about this. And defintaly a good point about making sure I bring in the topper with me to the consultations, it hadn't even crossed my mind yet!
    I'm really not so much into the pink. (Im the opposite of a girly girl dispite my love for faeries.)
    But I really like the idea of a woodsy look!!!
    I was reading all your comments to the FI and he may have just come up with a great idea. How do you think it would look with a greyish fondont (to match the base of it, and the rock the guy is sitting on) made to look like a rocky top of a mountain, with the vines growing up in it and possibly the bottom tier with more of a woods look. (basically make the cake look kinda like a mountain) With them at the top.
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    If you want a "rocky" look - don't go with fondant.  You can achieve the same effect with buttercream.  I did a waterfall cake for someone solely with buttercream and a few gumpaste accents.  The fondant won't make it look as "rocky."  It will be entirely too smooth and fake-looking :)

    And in regards to the pink, I meant VERY faint pink accenting SMALL flowers on the vine ;)  I'm not a girlie girl either.  You can imagine my shock when our caterer (who is also an event planner) showed us his portfolio of various weddings, and the majority of them were PINK! I looked at my FI and said, "oh look,"  My caterer jumped right in and said, "why yes - pink is a very popular color."  (Not when it resembles Steel Magnolias, it's not!)
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    Hmm very very very good point! And buttercream is much more yummy!!! *mouth starts watering*
    You dont happen to have any pictures of that cake do you? (if you don't mind sharing) That cake sounds wonderful!

    Hehe glad to hear someone agrees with me about pink. *ponders* Perhaps I could get them to do blue flowers like the light blue on the guy on the topper? (the blue is actually quite a bit lighter then it is in the picture)

    Oh and thank you so much everyone for your advise and ideas!!!!!!!!!
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