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Friday Resolutions: how'd you do?

I lived up to half of my resolutions.  I did track my food on Friday night and on Sunday, and I managed to stay within my calorie limits (shocker!)  I even included alcohol into my totals.  I did, however, pig out on Saturday, and I ended up not tracking my food intake because it got too complicated... FI and I made dinner for my mom and FMIL.  It was really fun, but I ate way, WAY too much.  I probably totaled like 3,000 calories on Saturday, but I did burn about 1,000 running that morning and I am back on track today, so all in all it was actually an improvement over the last few weekends.  I will make this post again this coming Friday and hopefully I will do even better next weekend!

Re: Friday Resolutions: how'd you do?

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    NebbNebb member
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    I pretty much lived up to my resolutions, i still ate relatively well and ate all the good snacks I brought with me. I did agonize over bringing my own meal to the bbq at my inlaws though... that ended once I ate it because it tasted incredible!
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    1. No drinkie this weekend. Check! 2. No pigging out Saturday night and using my long run as an excuse. No pigging out, but not as healthly as it could've been. 3. Veggies with dinner all three nights (sadly, this will be the hardest to stick to) Failed.  Friday had a salad with dinner.  Saturday, do pickles in the cheeseburger count?  Sunday, nothing even remotely close.
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    I did pretty well...  I only had 1.5 glasses of wine all weekend, which is pretty good for me.  I ate more snacks than I should have, but stuck to pretty healthy stuff and definitely didn't eat as poorly as I could have.  I didn't work out at all, didn't even go for a walk, but I did chase my nephew for a few hours and that takes a little energy!
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    oh, but I had my WI this morning and I'm down 3.6 this week!  I know it'll only be that much the first week or two, but I'm pretty jazzed!
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    i worked out both friday and saturday, and ate well on sunday.however, i did NOT eat light on saturday - i definitely totaled over 3.000 calories.  too many pieces of cake and brownies, and then dinner at mcdonalds where i didn't even try to make good choices.oops.  i guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad, but i'm back on track since yesterday and doing well so far.
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    Mrs_AFMrs_AF member
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    My resolutions were: 1. I'm only going to eat out once this weekend. 2. I want to work out Saturday and Sunday. 3. Not give in and get a donut at the donut shop downstairs tomorrow (and they are AMAZING donuts.)I ate well Friday night, didn't go and get chinese like I wanted. I worked out Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 5 days last week! woot. I totally did get a donut from the donut shop, but I ate within my calories that day and did a little extra cardio to make up for it. IMO, as long as you are smart with your cheating, it's okay. :)
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