Anyone used Sam's Club for flowers?

Re: Anyone used Sam's Club for flowers?

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    I haven't but a girl on my local board did and I think had an overall pretty good experience with them. Try paging Duqcheer on the Pittsburgh board. I
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    i can say i would order my flowers from sam's again!  once i get all my pictures back i'm doing a review with more pics.  below is a pic of my bouquet.  i was grabbing it so tight i messed my ribbon up! 

    i ordered roses and hydrangea from sam's.  i got the flowers in that thursday.  my wedding was saturday.  i bought 2 buckets from home depot.  i also made sure i had flower preservative and shears on hand.  as soon as the flowers arrived, i cut 1-2 inches off the stems and removed the thorns.  make sure you cut the stems under water.  from what i read online before getting my flowers, introducing air into the stem  prevents them from taking in the water.  i also removed any leaves that would be in direct contact with the water.  this mucks up the water.  i just kept them in a cool dark room since i couldn't refrigerate the buckets.

    bouquets and centerpieces were done friday night.  everything held up fantastically!  also another trick i used on the hydrangea was water tubes.  i kept the ones in the bouquets in water tubes.  they will wilt very fast.  we incorporated them into the bouquet.  we wrapped them with ribbon.  you couldn't even see them!

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    Thank you so much, Krimson!
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