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Choosing music is the most difficult part I've had in planning!

Fiance' likes "Canon in D" for the processional. I think it's too slow and too long. However, it's something he's had a strong opinion on, even though when I said we could compromise and we can use his song for the processional and then I choose the song for the recessional, he said "what are you talking about compromise? You can choose whatever you want." I can tell it's important to him, but he won't admit it. I feel I can do this for him.

So not sure on a recessional song. I thought I had one picked out, but still unsure. I don't want anything formal or really orchestral.

I hadn't thought about any songs during the ceremony, but I listened to my Eva Cassidy CD at work today and decided I'd like to play "Songbird" between the vows and the ring exchange. It's so pretty.

Sigh... Tongue out
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Re: Choosing music is the most difficult part I've had in planning!

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    I love Canon in D!  It is a classic and beautiful.  I'm walking in to it.  I can't decide on a song for the processional........For the recessional, what about Here Comes the Sun? Or Hold Me Tight?  We are going to use Hold Me Tight by Evan Rachel Woods from Across the Universe.
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