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Has anyone used or have experience with them?  They offer very reasonable packages, just want to be sure they are quality.  Any info is appreciated!  (Im in the DC area)

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    Davids Bridal hires random local freelancers from your area and sends them to your wedding (and keeps most of the money for themselves, so paying the actual photographer very little). These photographers do not work for Davids Bridal and you have no real choice in your actual photographer. Also, you do not get to meet your photographer until the day of your wedding. If you ask me, its just too big of a gamble.

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    David's Bridal is not a photography company, they are a dress company, and thus they do not provide quality services in photography. Often times they'll take your money, and then hire a local photographer without any vetting. They post ads on craigslist looking for photographers. 

    Please do not risk your pictures like that. Find an individual or local company who will work with you and have the same person shooting your wedding. Figure out if you like their photos by seeing a whole album start to finish. Don't risk having a stranger show up the day of your wedding to take your photos.
  •  Like PP said...they hire out random local photographers in the area to do the work. The do not pay well from what I am told by a photographer friend of mine.

    If I were you I would make a list of local photographers in your price range and go from there. They care more about the outcome of the product and their clients.
  • I think they are the wal mart of wedding photography. You also don't know who your photographer is before the wedding. Do you really want to trust your wedding day to that just to save a few bucks?
  • Before I decided to start my photography business I actually looked into this. It wasn't what I specialize in, so I decided not to apply. It's basically the same as WalMart/KMart photos. Very posed and not natural at all. I would definitely reccommend hiring a natural light photographer, and taking your pictures somewhere that is special to you, or a pretty setting, where you would be comfortable, etc.

    I know DC is a bit far away, but if you need engagement photos, I'm building my portfolio, so I'm currently offering free engagement sessions. I serve in DE,MD,PA areas. If you are interested, you can emai me at [email protected] - I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have :)
  • All I know if you purchase your wedding gown from the store, they will call you repeatedly and ask if you have a photographer and videographer, even if you already told them you do. I think they got the message when I stopped answering and returning their frequent phone calls. I had an excellent experience purchasing my gown there, so I think they should stick to only the attire aspect of wedding planning instead of trying to be a one-stop shop.
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