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help me make my sister's shower special

Hello Ladies and congrats! It's been a long time since I've posted on the Knot but I need your help w/ my sister's shower that is taking place in April. We are going with the theme A Royal Engagement b/c of Prince William's wedding.  Its going to be an elegant evening shower and I need ideas on how to make it extra special for her. She's the 3rd sister in our family to get married and she's been to many of showers. How do we set it apart and make it special? The only idea I have so far is getting her a wrist corsage that matches her outfit.

What did your bridesmaids or family do at your shower that you really enjoyed? 

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Re: help me make my sister's shower special

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    Yeah... the thing I remember the most about my friend's shower is that there wasn't enough food, but that there were fantastic drinks. We played a game making a signature cocktail for her, which was kinda fun, but the idea of a signature drink for the shower would be really cool - maybe something like a Kir Royale?

    Also, since Kate Middleton wears such fabulous hats, maybe you could have some seriously awesome hats for people to wear, or suggest that they bring they're own to wear, and then put the bride in a tasteful tiara as the princess for a day. Or just a really super fabulous hat.

    Most of the other ideas I think of don't really go with what I think of as being "elegant", so I'm just going to cut it off there =)
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