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Second wedding and soon to be MIL's friends throw a shower

This is my second marriage, my fiancée's first. His mother's friends wonderful though they are thought it would be a good idea to have a bridal shower for me.  So about 3 weeks ago they got addresses from me and sent out invitations.  Now, 2 days before the shower they are asking if anyone has replied to me.  So I have to go through guest list and find out who is coming.  What a heart breaker it is to find out that out of 29 people whom you have invited including your bridesmaids and Maid of Honor that 5 people will be attending.  Those 5 people include your Mom, Sister, Grandmother, Niece, and a co-worker.  I had to find that out myself.  I had to make those phone calls and ask everyone if they will be coming.  My fiancée and I already have a house and we have lived together for 4 years, did we really need a shower?

Most of my family will not even be coming to the wedding.  I feel off about not having more family there.  I have already tried to explain my position to my soon to be MIL but nothing seems to help.  What to do?  Any ideas?

Re: Second wedding and soon to be MIL's friends throw a shower

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    it may be your second wedding but it is the first she gets to be involved with for her son. let her throw you the shower, smile, act gracious and appreciate that she wants to do something nice for you. i understand not wanting one or gifts since you have everything you need. and that more people are not attending because you have already been married. try to make the best of it and think of it as creating good karma for future interactions with your MIL.
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    It would have been nice for them to rsvp.
    I think you should just go and enjoy your intimate shower. In additon to your the 5 guests from your side, there will be your mil and her friends. Small showers are nice, they give everyone a chance to socialize and get to know each other better.
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    I only had 7 people at my shower; almost all family or bridesmaids.  And it was great!! Go and have fun.
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