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BB&B vs. Crate + Barrel

What is the difference between BB&B and Crate + Barrel (referring to what products they carry not their service)?  Is one more economical than the other?  TIA :)

Re: BB&B vs. Crate + Barrel

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    I find BB&B to be cheaper, but I have an infinite number of 20% off coupons. I'm not sure how they would compare otherwise. I do feel like BB&B has a bigger variety of kitchen gadgets and linens, but C&B has furniture. You could always do both.
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    Yes, BB&B is less expensive than Crate and Barrel, there are also more locations.
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    I think it depends on what items you want to register for. Do you want fine china? Crystal? When it comes to the classic high-end name brand china and crystal (Lenox, Waterford, etc.), it won't be available at Crate and Barrel. Both stores have a lot of the same kitchen appliances and such, but I'd say BB&B probably has a more extensive selection. That said, I love Crate and Barrel. We registered there and Macy's. They have some really unique pieces that really fit our style. I also greatly prefer their stores to BB&B - clean, organized, easy to find what I want, where BB&B stores are always so big and crowded and unorganized that I hate going in them!
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    We did both. BBB lets you return items for cash which is a pro for a lot of people, but C&B customer service has been really amazing. One gift didn't make it to me and they sent a replacement no questions asked and they've been great about returns. I prefer C&B but if you are doing china/crystal you'll need BBB or a dept store that carries it.
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    I registered at both and had great experiences!
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    I think BB&B has an overall better selection and has better prices
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    BB&B has better prices and a wider selections. C&B is more boutiqueish, but I think the quality of their items is outstanding if it's something you plan on keeping a long time.
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