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thinking of registering at Williams and Sonoma and Macy's

I know everyone registers at Crate and Barrel and and Bed Bath and Beyond, but i really don't want to. Has anyone registered at Williams and Sonoma? what are other good places to register and why?
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Re: thinking of registering at Williams and Sonoma and Macy's

  • We registered at BBB, Macy's, and Williams-Sonoma.  We won't recieve gifts for quite a while, so my only experience with W-S is in-store registering and adding items to the online registry.  Never had a problem with either.
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  • You can register where ever you want.

    Just make sure there is a variety in your price range for stuff you register for because different people have different budgets.

    I'd also say to try and register somewhere that most people will be able to actually go to the physical location and buy a gift. Not everyone likes to order online, I know I prefer to shop in person. But that really shouldn't be an issue. Macy is everywhere.

  • We went for Crate & Barrel.  We took into consideration our peronsal style and what we could afford to buy ourselves with the completion discount to get the rest of the stuff we wanted. 

    Williams Sonoma has some nice products, it's a good choice.  I also like Target and Macys. 
  • WS is very expensive.  I'd do BBB or Macys as well so you have some variety of prices.
  • I think that sounds like a good combo.  We registered at Macy's and did not have any problems.  We added a few WS items to our Amazon universal registry.  I generally really like their stuff, but it is pricey, so I think it's a good idea to have Macy's (more reasonably priced with frequent sales and coupons).  

  • I registered at Macys, Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel.  I had no issues registering at WS, but I would not concentrate my entire registry there.  Macys was by far my most popular registry and Williams Sonoma was actually my least popular- although people did buy from it.  I think that there are just so many Macys and BBB's around, it is easier for people to get to them than it is to get to a WS (at least it is where I live), hence more purchases there.  
  • I registered at WS in addition to BBB and Macy's. I am an avid cook and most everyone who knows me at all knows this. That being said, very few items were purchased off of the WS registry. I registered for many inexpensive smaller items with just a few higher priced things at WS. Ironically it was the high ticket items that were bought and only a couple of small gifts. In comparison, my Macy's registry is nearly completely purchased and BBB about three quarters complete. Only 5 guests purchased off WS. It was easy to set up and add onto and I never had any problems with it. But I think people automatically perceived it as expensive and avoided it. Register where you want, but I would make sure to register elsewhere as well. Macy's was a great choice for me and obviously the majority of my guests preferred to shop there.
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  • We registered with Macy's, W-S, and BBB. Had no problems with any of them. A few items on W-S were back ordered, but that had nothing to do with the registry per se.
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  • We have registered at Macys and PB - PB and WS are the same company, so their registries are identical.  So far, good things to say about them both.  A feature I just realized Macys has is that it's really the only registry where you can mark your own items as being fulfilled.  This probably sounds unnecessary because all registries let you delete items, but I have relatives who I know will say, "oh you forgot to register for a blender!  Here's one!" if I delete obvious items like that.  We actually bought our blender this past weekend during a ridiculous black friday sale, so I marked it as fulfilled (rather than deleting it) and now I won't get a duplicate (most likely).

    Best part about macy's is that you can open a credit card with them and link it to your registry.  They then give you 10% back on almost every item you buy until 3 months after the wedding, and they also give you 5% back on every item your guests buy for you from the registry.  I opened a credit card and made my mom an authorized user because she loves Macy's.  So between the two of us shopping for ourselves, holidays, and birthdays, we have probably earned about $100 for me in gift cards already, and the wedding is still 4 months away.
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  • We did Macys and BBB and loved both. We do have a Macy's card so we linked that to our registry and got a gift card for over $200 after our wedding which we used towards the pots and pans that we didn't get. Our Macys was very popular. We love WS but just didn't feel like there were enough options for us to register there.
  • We registered only at Macy's, and had a great experience.  Macy's has also been awesome about post-wedding returns (my shower was back in May, but because of plans to move, I didn't open boxes and discover broken things until about a week ago, and Macy's exchanged every broken thing - about 6 items total - with no questions asked).

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  • I actually have 5 registries.  I did Williams-Sonoma, Belk (because that is in comparison to Macy's in NC), Crate and Barrel, BB&B, and Pottery Barn because I love all 5 and some stores are easier and local for some guests while other stores are better for guests that are out of state.  I fought back and forth with myself about narrowing it down, but figured the more opportunity for guests.  Go for it! :)
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