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Macy's price swing gripe

FI and I registered this weekend. the only set I liked was at Macy's. It's being discontinued, but they DO still have some of it, though it will probably have to be ordered online. It was a good price (about $230 on sale for everything, and it is king-sized.) I looked at the registry Monday night, and all was well. Yesterday I checked and the bedding had gone up to $460! WTH? I noticed a few other things doubled in price as well after being on sale when we registered. The Macy's consultant told me that we can bring in the printout of the original registry and they can sell it to us at that price, but it's not like my guests will have that printout. I'm very disappointed, but I was pleased to be able to gripe about this in the Macy's survey I received yesterday!
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