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I still have my ex-husbands last name and DON'T want it on invitations... HELP!!!

I kept my ex-husbands last name ONLY because of my son... now I'm on track to remarry and don't want my ex-husbands name on the invitations... My fiance and I are paying for the wedding... what do I do?

Re: I still have my ex-husbands last name and DON'T want it on invitations... HELP!!!

  • All my I.D. still shows my ex's last name.  I simply sent the invites out in my maiden name.  Everyone that knows you well (which is probably your entire guest list!) knows your maiden name!

  • I didn't use last names on the invitation. It simply reads:

    :Bride'st name & Groom's name, along with her children, M, M & M, invite you to join them in a celebration of love ...."

    All the guest loved that the children were included in the invitation and I loved that I did not have to use my current last name
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  • The invitation does not have to show your legal name, you can print it with whatever name you want:-)
  • I am in the same boat, legally my last name is my ex's. I am trying to get out of using a last name all together but we are having a pretty formal wedding. My mom gave me her last name when she was born but my dads family (I am closer to them) calls me by my dads last name.

    I would just use your maiden name if you are including a last name. I think I am going to end up just using my middle name.
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  • And here is another reason why NOT to change your name when you marry. 

    If your guests will know you only by your married name, you need to use it.  Getting a random invitation for a wedding of Mary and John wouldn't let a lot of folks actually know to whose wedding they were invited.   Or worse, one from Mary Jones, when the only Mary you know is Mary Smith, your colleague. 
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    What do you do??  Don't put YOUR (you chose it!) last name on the invitation.  It's really that simple.  Our invitation did not include our last names.  This is really no big deal.
  • You are the one that makes in invites... It's completely fine to use your maiden name :) 

  • I actually used my full First, Madien, old married last name on the invites. However when the pastor says the vows I only want my madien name said aloud. I feel like at that moment I will revert back to my madien name and take on my new husband's name.  
  • My last name isn't on my invite.  Bride's 1st and Middle Name, FI's 1st and Middle Name invite you to our wedding.

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  • Mine was kind of a unique situation. My ex and my future husband both have the same last name (Lopez). Imagine my luck. So My invites went out: "_____ (My first name)___ & __(Fiances first name)__ Lopez invite you....."

    I do agree that if you don't want it on there, you can put your original last name on there.

    I kept my ex's last name after the divorce since everybody already knew me by that name, and I was already dating my Fiance by the time my ex would give me the divorce (we were separated long beforehand - long story)
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  • I still have my ex's last name too. We are using FI's last name where we have to and otherwise leaving it off. Nobody knows my maiden name, so no point in trying to use it now!
  • See, I say just use your first (or first and middle) names. - I completely disagree with whoever said they would be thrown off if they got a random "mary and john" invite. I don't have a single person on my guest list who doesn't know us as "April and Justin" - so if your guests are too stupid to figure out who "Mary and John" are then consider cutting them or better yet they won't RSVP that they're coming since they apparently won't have a clue who you are.I'm being cheeky - sorta. But seriously - do a search online - there are TONS of modern gorgeous invites that just have first names on them! 

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  • I had to laugh - NOT at your concern, but at my particular point of view! We were married 16 years and I chose not to return to my maiden name after my divorce to continue that visual association with my school age sons through a difficult time ... And ... My maiden name was Cox and one of my part-time jobs was working with court/school referred juveniles. I even asked my $&@! Of an ex if he objected to me keeping his name.I am perfectly happy with the reminder that my name now as my ex's - IS CHANGING!!!! I am thrilled and proud of that fact. I want everyone to see it and rejoice with me! That aside - they are so right! There are tons of options that allow you to omit your last name on the invitations. I have n doubt you can find an appropriately formal wording tha alleviates your concern.
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  • You certainly don't need to use your last name at all, don't feel pressured to do so. I kept my ex's last name for professional reasons, but I'm using my maiden name in all aspects of my wedding (invites, registry, etc).
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