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finally found my "MOB" dress

Ok, so I'm six days out from my daughter's reception at my home.  I originally thought I would wear this brown wrap dress (very clingy) that I already have, but when I tried it on a couple of days ago, well, I think I've gained a couple pounds.  All, apparently in my tummy.  :-(  50 is not a kind age.  Also, I had a fall in the bathtub a couple of days ago, and right where the dress clings is where I have bruises.  So, today I went to Macy's with my 20% coupon in hand, and found, a great dress for about $100!  I was trying to stay away from black and any shade of white, so this one is great, it's sort of a red/wine/burgundy color.  Have I told you that I look GREAT in red? It's a square neck, very 60's looking.  I bought some coordinating earrings and bracelet to wear, and I'll throw on my black pumps.  DONE! 
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Re: finally found my "MOB" dress

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    Yeah!  I looked everywhere for one.  Everything was either to grandma, or completely encrusted cocktail.  I even drove from Richmond to DC to look...nothing that looked like me.  On the way home from DC got stuck in horrible traffic.  Got off at Potomac Mills Outlet because I was going to shoot someone if I had to sit in that car one more second.  I'd never been there, so what the heck.  Walked into a store called GroupUSA and there it was!  Chocolate brown chiffony lacey, knee length, empire waist dress with a short jacket over it.  The jacket and the top are the lacely part with lots of irredescent (sp?) sequins and the bottom of the dress is swirly pleats.  Best part???  75 bucks!  I'm wearing gold sandals and my good friend is making me jewelry to match. You and me???  We will look fabulous!!!
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    I am very nervous about finding a dress. I have lots of time before my baby girls gets married (18 months) however, I am very hard to fit and please! Hearing these stories helps!
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    You know, the funniest part of this is that I'm usually VERY hard to please, and being a former bodybuilder, I tend to be a bit more muscular than most women--but my weight goes up and down, depending on how heavy I'm lifting, injuries, etc.  Anyway, I had a hard time choosing between about 4 different dresses.  There was this royal blue one that I think I would get more use out of later, but the burgundy one, well, I just felt GOOD in it, KWIM? 
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    Hooray handfast!  Isn't it just the best feeling?  Like wedding dresses, as soon as I put on my MOG dress and my MOB dress, I knew they were just what I wanted.  You'll look lovely I know~I really like a square neckline as well.It's so nice to check something off of a "to do" list! 
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    So good to her these stories.  I have to try Macy's etc. because the bride shops just aren't doing it.  I do have a pattern for back up.  But even though I could, I would rather not have to make my dress.
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