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I usually dont do this...T&Ps? (probably a little long)

For my Grandmother please. She could use them.

 in October, her younger sister died from some kind of tumor in her abdomen. They took her to the hospice, and she died the very next day.

Well, This past weekend when we went up that direction to pick up the company cars, they drove on up to the nursing home in Haskell to see her brother. (He's had a couple of heart attacks and most recently a stroke).
Well, while they were there my Grandma noticed that he just wasn't breathing right, so they took him over to the hospital to get him checked out. Turns out, Some time last week he fell out of his wheelchair at the nursing home and broke his hip,It was basically the ball of the joint itself was broken off.

They trasferred him to Abilene Regional for an MRI and the surgery. When he fell he knocked his head pretty hard and has a brain bruise, but they also decided that they couldn't do the surgery on him because he was too weak, and would probably die on the table if they attempted.

Well, today they transferred him back into a hospice in Munday (another small town West Tx) and have given him about 1 week to live.  This will make my Grandma the only living sibling left (there were 4). So basically she's going to have lost half her family in 6 months and I don't know how she'll handle that.

Re: I usually dont do this...T&Ps? (probably a little long)

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