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Can my mom give me away and be my MOH?

I would like my mom to walk me down the aisle and be my MOH. Is this appropriate? She is my best friend and I would like her to to do both but I wasn't sure if this would be too much or even if it was appropriate. My father is not in the picture, so this is not even an option.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Can my mom give me away and be my MOH?

  • *aisle.

    I don't see why not.
  • I think it's a lovely idea. Don't get hung up on what is "typical" or what you have seen at other weddings. I would think that most people at your wedding would know your situation regarding your father not in the picture and it would just make sense for your mother to give you away, if this is what you wish.
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  • Totally acceptable and what a wonderful way to honor your relationship with your mother.
  • Having her walk you down the aisle - yes. Having her in your WP - no. I mean, it's ultimately your decision, but being a MOB brings with it enough stresses and responsibilites I wouldn't want to add to that by making her MOH. I know my mother would rather watch my wedding ceremony from the front row than be standing next to me.
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  • I think it is kind of sweet. I agree with pp that you shouldn't focus too much on what other people want or think or usually do. Your mom can walk you down and then stand in place. I really don't think that this would add all that much extra to her day. She will have to be there early and get ready regardless of whether she stands next to you in a special dress or not.
  • Sounds lovely to me! I'm sure she'd appreciate the gesture.

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