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I need some information on Who comes to the Bachelor' Luncheon.  This would NOT be the bachelor party given by the Groomsmen.  This is the party given by the Groom/Groom;s Family to say Thank You for being in the wedding, buying your attire, being there for the Groom and traveling expenses to wedding. Almost all of the Groomsmen are having to travel.  Also, to give them Thank You gifts at that time.

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  • I've never heard of a Bachelor's Luncheon. Why doesn't the couple organize a luncheon for the entire bridal party? What your planning sounds kind of rude because it sounds like half the bridal party (the bride's half) if being excluded. Especially if they also bought their own attire and travelled.
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  • I agree that I have never heard of a bachelors' luncheon. The only luncheon I've heard of is when the bride takes her BMs out to lunch. If you want to take them out, that's great, but I agree that if you and FI are hosting this lunch, I would probably invite the whole WP to it.

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    The Bride is having a luncheon for her Bridal Party the day before the wedding.  My son has been asked by her parents when he is having his Bachelors' Luncheon.  This is a very formal wedding and the Bride has different traditions than we do. 
  • Your FDIL's family is way out of line. They sound like one big group of A-holes (based on your reply and the thread you started above). What a rude family your son is marrying into.
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  • If I was him, I would just tell the FIL's that he isn't having a bachelor luncheon and does not want one. He absolutely does NOT have to do it just because they say so. Now, if he WANTS to have one on his own accord and not because of them, then fine. But if we're talking about a bunch of guys, they may enjoy dinner and beer or something more than a fancy luncheon. I don't know, just going off of what all my guy friends would prefer.

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  • I think if I had told my DH he needed to host a Bachelor's Luncheon, he would have thought I was nuts. 

    He can give them their gifts the day of the wedding or at the RD.  If they continue to press, just have your son politely say that he and the groomsmen decided to forego it.  Sheesh.
  • So do these people really have money or do they like people to think they do?  Because I have to tell you, friends of ours had a wedding in Boston that had to have cost six figures (and this was the poor man's version of this family's weddings).  The Bride came from old money and grew up on Beacon Street and her sisters had weeklong wedding affairs in Italy and France.  There was not a Bachelor's Luncheon at any of these weddings.
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    [QUOTE]I wouldn't worry about it at all.  From your other post it already sounds like you guys are going above and beyond and are kind of strapped financially at this point anyway.  Plus, I've been in 3 VERY formal weddings and none of them had a 'bachelor's lunch". <u><em><strong> I seriously think your son's FILs need to have their head examined.</strong></em></u>
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  • You seem so thoughtful and considerate to worry about your groomsmen's meals. Simply feeding them at your home is enough. If they wedding is not in your hometown, just invite the men to have lunch with you and your son, wherever you have lunch.  Just as the bridesmaids' luncheon is up to the bride and her family, they have nothing to do with your plans.  
  • Wtf is a bachelors luncheon?
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