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Please don't clink the glass...

I am having a problem with my FMIL and my fiance. I have always hated the sound of clinking glasses during the reception to get the bride and groom to kiss. I have never participated in that tradition and never will. It is like nails on a chalkboard to me! So instead I wanted to buy kazoos and then attach a poem to let our guest know to use the kazoos instead. However, both my fiance and FMIL keep telling me that it is a worthless idea, a waste of money, people are going to do it anyway and I should get over myself, etc. I am a very simple and easy person but how do I stand up to them and explain that this is important to me because that sound drives me up the wall and I don't want to hear it on the best day of my life?

Re: Please don't clink the glass...

  • I'm with you on the clinking of the glasses, I'm not doing that either. We are going to have our DJ say we are gonna do things a little different, instead of clinking glasses when you want the bride and groom to kiss, we are requesting that you come up here and sing a song with Texas in it (my fiance lives there), so like all my ex's live in Texas, San Antonio stroll, Yellow Rose of Texas, etc.. I printed a list with words to a bunch of songs that pertain to Texas. Good Luck..
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