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grandma's attire

We are trying to help my grandmother look for a nice elegant petite pant suit/set to wear to our wedding. Grandma is near 80, so we need something conservative and comfortable as well. Anyone know where their grandma's got their wedding attire? Having trouble finding any dressier pant sets...any ideas? Thanks ladies!!

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    My grandma likes the clothes from Coldwater Creek. To my knowledge, she hasn't yet bought a dress for my wedding, but that's where she's gotten outfits for some of my cousins' weddings in the past. My mother got a very nice (skirt) suit from Macy's, off the rack and on sale, to wear to my wedding. I would personally hit a few department stores and look there. Maybe ask your local board if there are any dress boutiques that cater specifically to seniors.
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    Ditto PP. Think big department stores with great dress departments first. I think my grandmother found her outfit at Lord and Taylor.
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    Also try Chadwicks.  My mom had her dress made for our son's wedding.  Is that an option?
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    My Grandma got hers from Parisian (Belk in the South, I don't know where you are).  My FI's grandma got hers from Macys.
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