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Can't decide between the two...

Ok, so for my wedding party, more specific the ring bearer, I am using my FH nephew. Here is wear I am stuck, I love this pillow that I found and would like to use it, but since he will be barely 1.5 yrs old, I am worried about the feathers on it. I also love this little box idea, and this it would be a wonderful keepsake. There will also be fake rings in there so we don't have to worry about the real bands. My question is should I go ahead and do the pillow? or use the box since its more age appropriate? Just from writing this I am leaning toward box, but kinda want a poll. 

Re: Can't decide between the two...

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    I think the box is cute if its a beach wedding, or a rustic theme.  If not then I would just go with the pillow.  When he gets to the end of the aisle someone can hold it for him so he doesn't suck on the feathers or anything.

    They are both really different items though.  I can't imagine what type of wedding you're having that both would fit in with the decor or anything.  So pick the one  that best fits your wedding.
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    Ditto pp.

    Will he be walking with a FG? I know our RB was a bit younger than our 2 FG's and they sort of helped coax him/guide him down the aisle. He had the real rings on the pillow, so I was a bit concerned, but H wanted it that way.
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    I think it kind of depends on the feel of your wedding.  If you go for the pillow option, please be aware of choking risks for kids of that age.
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    OP, where did you find that box? Super cute!
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    I don't know that you'd be able to get him to carry anything, honestly. Of all the 1 1/2 yr-olds I've ever babysat, I don't think I could have gotten one to carry something and walk a adecent distance, unless it was a toy they really like. How big are the box/pillow exactly?

    Oh, yeah, and definitely agree about the choking hazard, like with the fake rings or the brooch on the pillow.
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    I am having an outdoor wedding in AR. I am incorporating peacock feathers as part of the decor, which is where the feathers come into play. And since it's outdoors, that's why I thought of the box. 
    I was thinking if I got the box, I could reuse it at the reception for guests to put "good luck wishes" and blessings in it. 

    and I found it on etsy. Here's the link.

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    I would say go with the pillow then, and have someone take it away from him when he gets to the end of the aisle.  At a year and a half old he isn't going to be able to carry that box so you can read it, so it will probably just look weird.  At least with the pillow even if he only carries it with one hand, which is what my 3 year old RB did, people can still tell its a pillow.
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