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I'm trying to find an alternative to David's Bridals for bridesmaids dresses. I want my bridesmaids to all be in the same color (pink) but I like the fact that they can choose their own style of dress that they will feel more comfortable in. I was in a wedding last year where the bride let us all pick our dresses from David's Bridal but we just had to be in the same color.

My problem with David's Bridal is that the quality of the dresses are low - I had loose threads coming out of my dress, even after getting my dress hemmed. I don't think the quality was worth the money I paid for the dress. Others have suggested that I let the girls pick any pink dress they want but I really want there to be some sort of uniformity among the bridesmaids.

Is there any other shop like David's Bridal where I can choose the same color of dress in different styles? I feel like there *must* be but I have no idea!

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    Most designers have multiple styles in the same color.  Alfred Angelo is the one that comes to mine if you want an alternative to DB.
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  • I used Dessy/After Six.  The colors are comparable and so are the prices (if you order through Pearls Place, or Jay's Bridal).
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  • JCrew has a line that seems "fresh".  I would assume the quality and prices would be similar to their regular line.

    My SIL used AriaDress.  I wasn't in her WP so I can't speak to the quality directly, but she seemed very happy with it.  I don't really remember one way or another (so they're weren't spectacularly awful).
  • Alfred Angelo is one I can think of.  If you go to a bridal shop they might be able to help you with different lines and styles. 
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  • We did that and used Alfred Angelo.  You can do this with any bridesmaid dress line.
  • go to

    a million choices that you can do in the same color! and they include several different lines in the same color...

  • I know it's been said a few times, but I LOVE Alfred Angelo.  Your BMs can even play with the dresses in the right color on the site!
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  • I'm having mine made by a seamstress.... very reasonably priced option as my mom insisted on paying for bridesmaid dresses since that's what they did back in the day.  For the same price as David's, I chose the fabric and the style - which is nice because I get chiffon instead of that junky satin stuff.
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