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2 MOH's and 2 BM?

Hello Everyone! :) Two weeks ago I asked one of my best girlfriends to be my matron of honor... I have another close friend who I'm asking this week to be a bridesmaid... However, after much thinking, I'd like to have her as a maid of honor, too. Is it weird to have two "best women"? My FI has two brothers and he wants to ask both of them to be the best men... He doesn't want to be in the position of picking one over the other & I don't blame him. We are each having three attendants on each side and I don't want to upset my 3rd bridesmaid if she is the only "bridesmaid" while the other two have a "better" title... The 3rd is my sister in law and I don't actually think she'll be offended. I also don't want to offend my Matron of Honor if I ask someone else to also be maid of honor. In all honesty, I don't think either will be offended but I just want to assure that everyone knows that they are all eqaully as important. So, main question is, is having two Maid/Matron's of Honor acceptable? We are big on tradition but also don't mind doing things are own way. I just don't want to hurt any feelings along the way :)
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Re: 2 MOH's and 2 BM?

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    Not at all! If you can't choose between two people to be MOH, have co-MOH.  I think it's a great idea.  I don't think she'll be offended and if she is, just tell her you couldn't choose between them because you love them both so much and you want them both to be MOH.  They can divvy up the "duties": One can hold the bouquet during the ceremony, the other can sign the license, etc.
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    HOLD OFF!  Your wedding is over a year away.  Don't start asking anyone else until this summer.
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    Yes you are fine to ask both to a matron and maid of honor.  I was in a wedding with both.  But wait til closer to your wedding date--see the mod's posts on page 1 of the board.
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    I'm a fan of less-is-more. Personally, I'd make them all BMs and not have an MOH.
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