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I'm Back!!!! (kinda long and PIP!)

My trip to NYC last weekend was absolutely awesome!!!!

My mom and I took the train on Friday morning and got into the city around 11:30am.  At 2:30pm we had to be at the Lenox showroom, so we just walked around and took in the city for a bit and then stopped at a cafe to grab some lunch.

When we got to the showroom, we couldn't go in right away because the designers were there doing a video shoot for a Macy's registry promotion and they were running late :)

Once we finally got in, I met the woman at Lenox that I had been corresponding with to plan my trip, and a few other ladies from the Macy's and Lenox teams.  I got to look at all of the china patterns, so I could decide which one I wanted (part of my prize was 8 place settings of Marchesa by Lenox china)   I was torn between 2 of the styles and really couldn't make up my mind!  One of the ladies noted that I could get a half of one pattern, and half of another if I wanted ... they looked niced mixed together anyway.

This was one- thought it was too plain by it's self though

This was the other-- but thought it was too much pink

I decided to get a mix of the two, which will end up looking something like this...

It was pretty cool how it all worked out, I figured I would just pick the pattern and they would have 8 standard place setting sent to me!  It was really cool that they let me customize it!

Ok, ok... enough about the china... I'm making you all wait for the good part of the story... THE DRESS!!!

After we were done at the Lenox Showroom, we all hopped in a cab to get over to the Marchesa studio.  We got to the studio and they took us into this large room, with several racks of gowns hung from them and a few other gowns on mannequins.  Before I went on my trip, they were supposed to put together a look book to send to me.  I never got it, because they were too busy w/ the Golden Globes... haha!  So I was under the impression that there would be certain styles I would be able to choose from, they would measure me, order the gown and ship it too me.  I was almost a little disappointed because I had seen a few online that I thought I would have liked, but they weren't there in the room.  Trust me, all of the gowns were ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS, but the styles just weren't topping my dress that I already have and love!

The 2 designers, Keren Craig & Georgina Chapman then came out into the room to meet us.  They were so nice and friendly... and gorgeous!  They look like they could be super models themselves!  We talked with them for a little and then had some photos taken by some pro photogs they had there.  I felt like a celebrity all day!

They then asked if I wanted to try on any of the gowns.  I was a little nervous because, all of the samples were a standard sample size 10, and I'm more like a 12 or 14 in street sizes.... so knew they weren't going to really fit and didn't want to be super embarassed!

I only tried on 2 of the gowns they had there...  My mom has a pic of me in the 2nd one, but my whole back was all hanging out... lol self consciousness extreme! LOL

I think they could kinda tell that I wasn't really feeling anything, so the one girl went into the back room to get the "Look Book"!  The look book ended up being a binder filled with EVERY single wedding gown in their collections.  I was telling them about the one I had seen on their website, so we tried to find it in the book.  Then somehow, we started talking about the gown that Olivia Wilde wore for last year's Golden Globes, they told me they had just made that for someone as a bridal dress.  I am totally in LOVE with that dress,  they had the original Olivia Wilde dress in the studio so someone went to go find it and another dress they had that was similar to the one I liked online.

They are letting me get the Olivia Wilde one, but in white of course!!!!  I was so shocked!  Sorry no pics of me in the actual dress.... LOL  It was so tiny I was joking that I didn't even think that my one leg would fit into it.  It's very similar to my dress I already had, so I have faith that it will be amazing!  This was such an amazing opportunity... I felt like a spoiled little princess the whole day!

P.S. they posted pics on the Lenox Facebook page the other day:

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