June 2012 Weddings

Changed my date...guess I'm happy.

Have any of you had to change your wedding date? I did. No one was pleased or happy that we chose to have it on a weekday or near the end of the school year. So my Fiance and I decided to change it to Sunday June 24, 2012. I was trying to save some money, but my mom said, if i change the date, they'll pay for the difference.

I guess i'm happy with the change. It means it wont interfer with my Jr. Bridesmaid's end of the school schedule. School is very important.

Oh! I went to a bridal show in Portland, Oregon today! It was sooo much fun. I'm going to another on the Fifth of february in Vancouver, Wa.  Only because I know someone who is gonna have a booth there.

Who knew bridal shows can be fun.

Hope you all had a great day. Boy am I exhausted.
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