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I's married now PIP

We have been married for 10 days, just got bakc from our honeymoon last night
The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good
- the weather was perfect, food amazing.My flowers were so beautiful  My girls dress looked perfect, EVERYONE came to the wedding EVERYTHING WAS SO NICE. of course with any event there will be issues. MIL and I are working out our difference. Thank you LORD

The Bad-  The reheasal dinner was to be hosted my my inlaws, DH mother had him running around all-day friday. They had no way for the food to get to the hotel. Since my MIL was in the hair dresser, I called my mom who was running late for rehearshal to pick up the food. My MIL became up set because she wanted to bring the food herself. She was getting her hair done and didnt leave the hair salon until 11pm. ( so glad we didnt wait). 
     The hairstylist didnt call me back to confirm a time to come to the hotel on friday since she couldnt come one saturday. I went to the hair store and brought a lace front wig. lol I had to what I had to do!
     The wedding started 1hr late! My MIL and other guest didnt arrive until then so it didnt look so bad. During dinner guest changed their menu people ordered chicken decided they wanted salmon, and we ran out of salmon for those who ordered it! smh

The UGLY- my mom had a few friends that helped out with getting dress and running back and forth. These same ladies told MY aunts that since they were helping with the wedding they were to sit behind my mom since they were her support. They asked my aunts to move. They did they didnt want to cause a seen. As my grandmother was escorted in my mothers friend told my 77 year old grandmother to walk around and have a seat on the end, away from the aisle. WTF. These ladies were tripping!

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